Stardom is temporary: Salman Khan
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He’s popular, he’s loved and he’s one of a kind. Here’s catching the many moods of Salman Khan as he promotes his upcoming film Ek Tha Tiger.

It’s been three days since Ek Tha Tiger released, and Salman Khan’s latest action film is already breaking all records.

Basking in the glory, but not showing it at all, the man takes some time off to talk about the Salman mania. In fact, he insists it’s nothing but a fad which will vanish in no time!
State of mind
Usually, when a film is a success, you’d be upset and unhappy, right? (Laughs) I am just joking. I feel happy and content. I’m glad people are going to watch the film and like what they see.

SalmanNumber game
If the fans come in, the numbers follow. If people like the movie, the numbers will go up. So I don’t concentrate on numbers, I focus on the film instead. Agar aap sirf numbers pe jaaoge, toh phir main cheez bhool jaaoge (If you only think about numbers, you will forget the main thing). Think about the subject and not the marketing of the subject.

Being Salman Khan
I have no idea. I feel like I am a part of the aam junta (common people). I guess I’m someone who stands for them, I’m perhaps their voice or someone who they think is needed in that position.

They believe that Salman Khan is very approachable and can relate to him. So I think that could be the only connect, that they feel: here’s a man who wants to live a normal life and not that of a star.

Stardom means…
Nothing. It means that if you can’t take appreciation in the right way, you could be destroyed. It’s temporary and a difficult thing to handle. Treat success and fame as a fleeting experience because they will leave you feeling bitter, cynical, and angry. So all you can do is enjoy while it lasts.

On being humane
Tomorrow, I might not be here but my trust, Being Human, will continue. So someone who is as passionate as me about social work will take over. This person will have to show his inclination towards this work and I would gladly make him a part of Being Human.

Today, my name is pulling in the money but what about tomorrow? There will be a point when the family kids will handle the charitable trust. They might become actors too. But interestingly, from what I see, the kids in my house seem to be leaning towards the Being Human side.

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  1. Boxofficekings

    Before Danish Says anything, Good Morning Danish,

  2. RJ

    Haha Doga. Aayenge tumhare tarah-tarah ke Karan-Arjun aayenge!

  3. Aditya007

    this time he’ll be not match with his life salman khan
    In danish’s words- ”it is permanent,
    & Shayad salman ne Badam nahi khaya , issilye wo Permanent ki jagah temporary bol gaye. “

  4. jacksparrow

    He is one of his kind……..he is nt fake, he never was…..just bit emotional

  5. danish

    @boxofficekings – he is not JUST popular.

    it shud have said he is the MOST popular star, perhaps in the 100 years history of indian cinema.

  6. Mike

    Ek Tha Tiger has scored Rs 77.10 crores nett at the Indian collection centres in four days. Its breakup is Rs 32.92 cr on Wed, Rs 14.5 cr on Thur, Rs 12.90 cr on Fri and Rs 16.75 cr on Sat. As per the trade experts’ calculations, the film would add Rs 23 crores nett on Sunday to make it Rs 100 crore in its first weekend at the Box Office.

  7. beingbrijesh

    Biggest example of temprory stardom is Rajesh khanna.


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