‘Joker’ hiding from ‘Tiger': Where is Akshay Kumar?
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Mumbai: The King and the Queen are in their places, but looks like the Joker has gone into hiding. Even with a superhit jodi like Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha in the lead, close on the heels of their last Rs 150 crore blockbuster ‘Rowdy Rathore’, it appears that no one wants to make hay while the sun is shining.

Just 15 days left to promote the film, surprisingly, most of the members of Shirish Kunder’s cast and crew other than the aliens are too busy with other professional commitments.

Who’s busy doing what

First Look: Akshay Kumar's 100th film 'Joker'

Akshay Kumar

He is not just acting in the film but also co-producing it. Akki appeared on the finale of a children’s dance reality show recently but instead promoted his other home production, which is releasing much later. There was not a word about Shirish’s film. He is also busy shooting for his other home production with Himesh Reshammiya.

Sonakshi Sinha

She appeared on one reality show to promote the film. Though Akki was in town, he didn’t come along.

The aliens

Last seen promoting the film at a Lower Parel mall.

Chitrangada Singh

While Chitrangada has done one item number in the film, she went to Delhi to promote the film.

Minissha Lamba

The actress’ spokesperson says Minissha has no knowledge of any promotional activity.

Shreyas Talpade

He’s away in Bangkok currently shooting for some other project.

Shirish Kunder

He’s gone incommunicado, living day in and day out in a post-production studio finishing the film.

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  1. Naveed_EkThaTiger

    @Doga – LOL for posting this. Btw how much did RR make?? Last time I checked it was on 132.

    Minissha Lamba
    ‘The actress’ spokesperson says Minissha has no knowledge of any promotional activity’


  2. Boxofficekings

    Yes,RR did around 132 cr….(still running few places).

  3. Serenzy

    So, Akshay Kumar’s PR People Active again as seen above.

    Purposefully Posting Joker News during ETT to Grab Eyeballs.


  4. AwesomeAkshay

    Don’t know why he signed the movie ? But if u promote OMG rather than joker ……. It SUCKS! If the movie is really that bad then why release it ? U got no control ? Kunder ki lelo

  5. shan

    Poor title. These media guys will generate fan wars out of any faltu tid-bit.

    @Joker promotions : Surprising Akki is not promoting his own home production. Looks like the reports of him being not happy with the end product are not entirely false. Not good news for the movie!

  6. Serenzy



    Epitome of Filmmaking!


  7. VED-Z

    I already said 3-4 weeks ago in july that

    Ek Tha Tiger will crush Joker in its 3rd week.

    Joker first weekend would be lesser than ETT 3rd weekend

  8. iitianWay

    tiger ki show ke baad joker ka hi number aata hain..and lagta hain tiger ke show ki saari taali bhi joker mein hi bajengi…

  9. das

    Don’t know the reason why Akki and Sonakshi are not promoting Joker, maybe they want to keep the movie low profile but I have seen some interviews of Chitrangadha promoting Joker

  10. Serenzy


    “The *Awkward* Moment when an Item Girl(Mom?) Promotes your Film”


  11. iitianWay

    Eevrything is joke about this joker….only movie will tell is it circus ka ya taash ka :)

  12. ranjit

    Shirish Kunder ?@ShirishKunder

    Don’t worry about the promotion. #JOKER will work on its own merit.

  13. Chalu

    more interested abt Jokr than i was for ett ..

    atleast this one looks genuinely different and whacky!!

  14. Rockyy

    shah rukh khan promting joker


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