Box office collection of GOW 1 and GOW 2

Godfather1 did 135mn USD domestic and Godfather 2 releasing 2 years later did 47.5mn USD. But both were acclaimed almost equally. ( (.2 and 9.1 respectively on IMDB)
Kill Bill 1 in 2003 did 70+110-180mn USD globally and Kill Bill 2 in 2004 did 66+86 = 152mn USD . Again both were liked almost equally ( 8.2 and8.1 on IMDB)

That seems to be exactly the case with GOW 1 and 2. In fact Part 1 and Part 2 have done almost the same over their first 7 days, about 18cr. GOW 2 will earn less in the coming weeks because of ETT. But otherwise they have been liked almost equally well, GOW 1 being liked a wee bit more.

I think there was nothing wrong in the release strategy. Part 2 coming soon after the Part 1 was the best, just like in case of Kill Bill series.

As usual the trade pundits know nothing.

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  1. Serenzy
    November 3, 2012 at 4:14 PM

    ” As usual the trade pundits
    know nothing ”


    How Strange it is that PST, Kahaani, OMG! , EV, VD, Barfi!, RR, AP, Ishaqzaade, ETT never needed Such Posts to ‘Proclaim’ and ‘Force’ on People that they were Successes!

    Best Part was Something like VD, EV, SOTY doing more than the GOW Series cud do in it’s Entire Run…

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