1. Prateek said:

    But I seriously hope it crosses 3I’s let it be by a rupee so that Aamir fans mouth is shut once for al…

  2. Serenzy said:

    If BG did $8mn, ETT can surely do $10-$12mn if the Movie is Good backed up with YRF Stronghold in the Overseas.

    *Similar to Don2 in Ovrseas + a 160-180cr Nett in India*

    Sureshot Success.

  3. Jack Sparrow said:

    It should cross BG comfortably in overseas as well as domestically.
    But it remains to be seen if it should be not a bit but a very movie better than BG. IMO it will rule tha BO charts this year followed by other khan starrers.
    These khans are here and I dont think anyone can overshadow them in next 4-5 years.

  4. ranjit said:

    some guys are really desperate …e.g. prateek …he wants ETT to cross 3i record to shut the mouth of aamir’s fan…just hilarious comment..if ETT cross 3i’s record then amir’s fan will shut but if it can’t then what will happen bro?..i want your reply..