Akshay kumar Photoshoot for Sparx Footwear
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  1. Tango

    Media hamesha chadhte suraj ko salaam karta hai. Those who had gone out of their way and finished him unfairly, are singing his praises.

    Same goes for ad ppl.

    I always believe in consistency in life.

    Superstars like Amir, Salman, SRK, Akshay & Hrithik , have proved themselves again and again over the last 20-22 years, magar kya karein. Kal kisi aur star ke pair chatein ge yeh media aur ad waale.

    After all sucking up to stars and getting favours pays for their (media guys) bread and butter, except for a few.

    1. Manish

      Yup tango bhraata , i have heard That THUMS UP people have called him back after failure of their campaign with mahesh babu .. i was damn sure as mahesh babu could not get that image in ythums up that akshay used to brought atleast for us north people …

      Though i loved mahesh babu in dokudu but he was no where near the achjarismatic axn -khiladi image that akshay carries amongst peopel in north especially

  2. Tango

    Manishe my hair has gone from jet black to 50 % white seeing all this over the last 8-9 years.

    Mahesh Babu did a great job, but most ppl whome I asked about the ad, shot back inquiring about who the person in the ad was!

    It is true that Thums Up wants to go back to Akshay!

    1. Manish

      50 % white ho bhi gaye itni jaldi ???? :/

      i know bhai the ad was good but u knw most of the things are in public perception and image created over the years and thats what play an imprtant role which was the case with Akshay and Thums up …

      Bhai u dont come on FB ?? i have sent u many messages …

  3. Sanjeev

    except for the first one all are awesome…..

  4. Tango

    No Manish I do not get the time to come to FB, so I did not see your message and I am sorry about that.

    You can mail me directly! You have my e-mail.

  5. RJ

    This ad will break all sales records. opening month 25 million pieces guaranteed. Inshallah. Superstar Akki Roksssssss

  6. iitianWay

    tango bhai ..forget media ….apne bhi saath chhod dete hain..and woh kahate hain na ki apna saaya bhi saath chhod deta hain….thats why wisdome tells us to be strong from inside …and that he is very much.
    I will tell u do this experiment if u happpen to face depression or feeling low in life. Wake up early morning ..take cold water bath and then go for walk ..see rising sun. And when u return home u will not be same …u will see hell lot of change in ur psychological level and ur energy level …and that he does everyday so u can understand how much it keeps him on top of confidence and energy level to beat depression or neglect..if any in life.
    we get get million dollar happiness in life from pennies…irony of life is that we dont want it to come from pennies. :) :)


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