Top 10 Casting couch specialists in Bollywood (After 1980s)
shetty | May 21, 2012, 10:42 PM | 28 comments | 0 views

10. Raj Kumar Santoshi
9. Pahlaj Nihalani
8. Dibakar Banarjee
7. Dharmesh Darshan (same sex)
6. Yash Johar
5. Sajid Khan
4. Ravi Chopra

3. Ram Gopal Verma
2. Saawan Kumar Tak
1. Subhash Ghai

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  1. fazal

    i think it means top ten industry persons who do sex with actress and promiss that he would give her a rol?????????????????????????

  2. shetty

    Coming soon:

    Top 10 Film Journalists/BO Experts (Print & web) who write favourable articles for sex (Some very familiar names…)

  3. prg


    waiting for that one too
    about this list..

    Dibakar Banerjee at 8… Payal Rohatgi ka allegation sahi tha kya?

    Yash johar too… Dharma Productions ka Adharmi :D

    heard lot about Subash Ghai as casting couch specialist

    BTW no Mahesh Bhatt???

  4. Superstar SAM

    Wah janab madhur bhandarkar ko hi bhul gaye :)

  5. prg

    Ram gopal verma toh sakl se bahut bada kameena lagta hai is maamle mein

    no wonder he is at 3

  6. rockie_c83

    Yash Johar?? hmmm

    shetty bhai is NG’s … :D

    eagerly awaiting the list of Journalists/BO Experts .. :D

  7. Tango


    What is new Shetty bhai?

    BTW- Dharmesh Darshan was in my university, for two days, maine commuted leave ke liye apply kar diya tha, seriously speaking, as I look after the Film Club.

  8. Tashan

    dharmesh darshan same sex hahaha good one shetty bhai

  9. Serenzy

    It wud have been nice if u had been more Explosive & Detailed Shetty…Always a Guilty Pleasure to read the Secret Life f Stars & Filmmakers.

    Be more expressive in ur next articles instead f just giving out names yaar!!

  10. dennycrane1

    @shetty-is tht pic of hrithik and gauri khan as ur profile pic?haha is tht an indirect pop at srk fans?

    ur post reminds me of the simpsons at their prime..funny, controversial and even the background pictures (profile pic) have hidden jokes :D

  11. NyKavi

    Shettybhai, KJo (same sex) ko kyun include nahi kiya? Shaayad woh apni pehli casting couch test (SRK) se hi itna khush ho gaya ki doosre kisi ko try nahi kiya?

  12. rockie_c83

    Kjo ne kisika casting couch nahi kiya …. uska to khood hi baar baar lagataar casting couch hota raha …. oouchh … ! :D

  13. NyKavi

    Rockie, lekin uska couch sirf ek star ki cast ke liye hi khaali rahta hai..

  14. shetty

    Prg: Mahesh Bhatt never indulged in casting couch

    Sam: Bhandarkar doesn’t qualify to Top 10

    Rockie: Thanks Bhau :)

    Tangoji: Aajkal DJ Jenny ko promote kar rahe ho :) Kya Rimi Sen aur Neetu Chandra se tang aagaye kya?

    Serenzy: Phir kabhi

    Dennycrane: :D

    Kavisaab: ” lekin uska couch sirf ek star ki cast ke liye hi khaali rahta hai.” hahahaha roflmao

  15. Shalu

    Wow! Some very surprising names there! Thanks for sharing.

    BTW, I’m also interested in the love(?) life of Karan Johar. Last heard he was involved with the new guy he is introducing in Student of the Year (not David Dhawan’s son, the other guy). Now that would be casting couch no?

  16. rockie_c83

    @Shalu: Kyu RUMOURS uda rahi ho … ??
    Kjo and other guy .. :O
    Kabhi nahi …. !!

    Kjo is probably trying to win his girl back from Prem Chopra (PC) by creating FAKE news of the this NEW GUY in his life .. :D

  17. Rey Mysterio

    where is Karan Johar ??? with SRK and Arjun rampal ????

  18. prg


    when u first posted it here…. there was also Mukesh Bhatt in the list…. later u replaced with Dharmesh Darshan….so he is not good enough to be in top 10??

    i think Dharmesh n KJo sud date :D

  19. Mr. Mintu

    Though its not casting couch but I have heard that shahid kapoor slept with imtiaz ali during the shoot of jab we met.

  20. danish

    @mr mintu – shahid an imtiaz must have slept together becoz there was no rooms in the hotel.

    shahid bichaare bhole bhaale ki shakal dekh ke lagta hai kya ki wo casting couch karwayega? kisi ne bol bhi diya to rota hua apni current mummy (kareen, vidya, priyanka) ke paas pahunch jaayega

    yaar ye shetty to khatankaak hai. casting couch waale writers ki list mein kahin apne naachgaana enemies ka naam na daal de.

  21. amin786

    mr mintu – I also heard emraan hashmi sleeps with all his directers before going on to do a lovemaking scene with all his heriones becasue nobody is ready to give a role lol. Stop ur bloody nonsense everytime im seeing u post some crap looks like u take allot if interest in shahid thats why you always are talking about him you are not funny mate to mujhe ek ehsaan karo apne gattiya jokes apne paas raako.

  22. danish

    mrmintu – aapko dushmani karne ke liye chahid ke siwa koi aur nahin mila???

  23. amin786

    danish – rehendo bhai he will never understand

  24. KM


    love your profile pic – Hrithik & Gauri

    LMAO ;-0

  25. fearlesssoul

    Thanks for your information. I have very little knowledge abt these Ouch things.

  26. danish

    @fearlesssoul – achcha? i thot u had all the knowledge of such topics.


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