Review of Naseeb(1981) and its commercial prospects (Along with Professor Pyarelal)
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  1. Yakuza

    Some imp. information :

    1. Naseeb was sold for 4.9 Crore all india.

    2. Professor PyaareLal was sold for 2.8 Crore all india.

    3. A lot was expecting from Krodhi, Kranti and Burning train, but all disappointed (I am not fully sure how Kranti here written as disappointment, it was super hit at 8 Crore, may be expectations were way more).

  2. Tango

    Naseeb- Awsome. The best part, Big B and the raw boxing mathes, and him telling Hema Malini about his mehboob (Mukri) :lol:

    Not to forget Chal Mere Bhai song.

    :cry: Jaane kahan gaye woh din.

    Kranti was a big hit but I did not like it much(found it childish, even as a child), except for certain portions. In fact I had especially seen it to check out for Dilip Kumar (as I had never seen him on screen before), but….

  3. Tashan

    Good film with lovely music…Zindagi imtihaan leti hai is a GEM and who can forget John Jani Janardhan.


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