Dharmendra: The Box Office HULK


Certain Pointers:

All verdicts till 1983 taken strictly from BOI.

Post 1983, BOI is not comprehensive with the top twenty grossers of the year list. Hence the yearly collection list on IBOS has been referred where BOI fails to throw any light. For a few films which feature in the top ten grossers of the year (IBOS lists 50), an above average verdict has been awarded.

Coincidentally mid 1980s is the period when Dharmendra almost became a B-Grade star and starred in a number of obscure flicks.

In this list 78 successes have been listed. However the chances are that the actual number is much higher, as BOI lists the verdicts of only the top-20 grossers of the year.

Films after 1992 (Tehelka) have not been counted. Post this, he truly became a spent force. In his later innings he has starred in successful films like Life in a Metro, Apne, Yamla Pagla Deewana etc.