1. Tango said:

    Yes Yakuza bhai

    My notes :-)

    Tan Badan – I think it starred Khushboo who later moved to South and became a superstar

    Love 86 – It paired Govinda with late singer Mahendra Kapoor’s son I think Karan Kapoor (who later acted in a Yash Raj flop Faasley, a good film nevertheless)

    Ilzaam – Had some scintillating music by Bappi da and if I remember correctly had the Nazia Hasan (of Aap Jaisa Koi fame) and her bro Zoheb.

    (Jahan ghalti ho bol dena)

  2. fazal said:

    can any one find a person who dosent like govinda?today I watched badhe mian chote mian again 30th time I think.best entertainig movie ever made

  3. Shalu said:

    Great find Yakuza. I guess those ’30 films’ mentioned in the article are the ones which flopped one after the other and almost finished Govinda till he bounced back with his home production Hatya?