Eminent Indians detained at US airports
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The reasons vary from caste to what they wear and skin colour. The list
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Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan was detained at a New York airport for over two hours by immigration officials after arriving from India in a private plane with Nita Ambani, to address students at Yale University here. This, is not the first time that SRK has been detained. He was grilled for more than 2 hours way back in 2009
Eminent Indians detained at …
In 2002, Aamir Khan was detained for interrogation at the Chicago Airport.
Eminent Indians detained at …
The authorities could not believe that Neil was an Indian – because he was so fair. Neil was in US for the shooting of the movie New York
Eminent Indians detained at …
Irrfan Khan has been detained too – twice. And both times, when he went to receive awards.
Eminent Indians detained at …
John Abraham was detained for having Afganistan as one of the countries he has visited in his passport.
Eminent Indians detained at …
Mammootty was stopped at the airport too – for having his real name Mohamad Kutty Ismail in his passport.
Eminent Indians detained at …
Former President A P J Abdul Kalam was detained and frisked at JFK airport in New York
Eminent Indians detained at …
Indian envoy Meera Shankar was detained and frisked at a Mississippi airport.
Eminent Indians detained at …
Aviation Minister Praful Patel was frisked down too at Chicago
Eminent Indians detained at …
Hardeep Singh Puri was detained for not agreeing to remove his turban
Eminent Indians detained at …
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  1. rajeev singh

    was aamir lying??? just to prove that srk detention doesn’t matter…..Because aamir himself was detained in 2002 at chicago airport, where he was strip searched….more than one links supports his detention in 2002…….and chicago is in USA only does aamir forget that……or all these news sources are wrong at same time…….

  2. Talaash

    Aamir might be detained so was AJP Kalam but dey did not claim dat they wer detained cos dey wer Muslims.. If any link for dat Rajeev den I ll believe Aamir is a Hypocrite of d first order after SRK :P

    1. rajeev singh

      srk didnt told that he was detained because he was a muslim….it’s us who know why they where detained…..everyone know they where detained because of there names , is there any other reason……and aamir is a hypocrite if he lied which these links proved….why he lied that he was never detained, it’s shame…..and check this by kamal hasan

      and my only question is why aamir said he was never detained when he was detained????

  3. Talaash

    @Rajeev – SRK was Detained two times rite oncein 2009 n d next time in 2012.. Just compare d media coverage at d time of both d detentions n u ll know wer d problem is :P

  4. Roy

    Great Response Talaash…. Although Aamir was never detained.

    These articles are pure rubbish and only have appeared after SRK detention. SRK gets detained because he has ties/links with those kind of people and i suspect involved in shady activities as well…

    Further proof Aamir has never been detained

  5. Jasp the Wasp

    People like Roy want to suspect shady links with SRK, though they know very well that its not true. Ah well, no use convincing a rabid dog that it has rabies :D

    And right now Roy is trying to force everybody to believe that NDTV and such sources are not reliable. I certainly know whom to believe :D

  6. Roy

    Not true? Only a moron of the highest degree will deny it. It is no secret that when SRK was detained first time, he went to a show organized by people with underworld links. check again, mr. dog.

  7. Jasp the Wasp

    Only an idiot of the highest possible degree would make such claims without even a shred of proof. Do you have any statement which explicitly states that SRK visited a meeting “conducted by underworld people” as per your absurd claim? Check for such a reference Mr. Sewer.

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