Vivek: Paoli Dam is a great actress
Tango | April 17, 2012, 1:34 AM | 13 comments | 0 views

Vivek: Paoli Dam is a great actress

“In fact our endeavour was that the audience should get turned on, just by looking at Paoli’s eyes! And that could have been achieved only by a great actress.”


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  1. Tango

    Pasand aayee Sup ?

    Waise idhar picture mein hi achchi hai!

    BTW- Pata nahi kyon amongst the leading ladies I have a good rapport with mostly Bengali actresses- Tanushree, Rimmi Sen, Raima Sen and now Paoli.

  2. RJ

    Tango – bengali women they say are easy. probably thats why :D

  3. suprabh


    You are one lucky guy

    Although going for bengali I would have preferred

    Rupa Ganguli, Raima Sen, Konkona sen sharma, Bipasha Basu too :D

  4. RJ

    My fav Bengali babe is nandana sen. Hot till you burn out!

  5. Tashan

    Bengali gals ka character dheela hai atleast those in bollywood:D now look at this paoli, she behaves like a pornstar and the director is saying shes next kajol:P

  6. RJ

    Character toh Akki ka bhi bahut dheela tha, ab tight hua toh kya!

  7. Arise_Awake

    Why this hypocrisy and double standards ???

    When female sheds her inhibitions and clothes, she is labelled as Porn or Character dheela and what not, and When guys do it, its called as manliness, Casanova and other rosy words….

    So called carnal pleasure, titillation is not sole domain of Male species… If one is Slut than Other is same…

  8. Tashan

    but salman ka toh dheela hi rahega… @AA thats true:D


    @tashan – hahahahahahahaha…. very true !


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