When i said that boi 1st week fig of 63 cr is slightly higher as it is their estimation always cmes higher then every start claiming that boi has lower fig of hf2… Acc to boi hf 2 has 1st weekend 42 cr, whose daily breakdown is 13.25+12.75+16.. But when i goes through boi circuit fig then it 1st day cme arnd 12.5.

Boi has given sme teritory fig on saturday comparing it friday… Figs stand as follows

mumbai circuit – 435 lakhs
delhi/up – 277 lakhs
east punj- 109 lakhs
cp berar – 62 lakhs
ci – 49 lakhs

again boi gves monday circuit alng with fri in bracket sme of remaining teritory
rajasthan-79 lakhs
mysore – 61 lakhs
wb -55 lakhs
bihar – 29 lakhs

so there r only figs of 3 circuits r unknw i.e nizam, assam/orisa & tnk… As we knw there is no chance of colectng higher fig frm these circuit as they gves minimal clctn & in nizam circuit there was tough competition from racha so we cnt expect mre than 60 lakhs, at best the rest two circuit wil clct arnd 40 lakh..

So if we add 9 circuits fig then we get arnd 11.4 cr & add 1 cr frm rest of circuit it wil cme arnd 12.4 cr, even if fig frm nizam,assam & tnk cme higher than estimation then it wl have max 12.75 cr 1st day. Isnt boi over estimating fig?