Why did you do this to Aamir, Sanjay… Mr Chopra?

Dear Mr Chopra,

Hope “Allz well” with you… Just thought of writing to you to tell you what I feel about your films ‘Munnabhai’ and ‘3 Idiots’. I have been a huge fan of all your films, for they are driven by quality content and a fine star cast. Out of all your films, the Munnabhai series and ‘3 Idiots’ are my favourites. Let me thank you for giving us these films that have less of glam quotient and talk more of morality and righteousness.

However, I do have something to complain about. I am sorry to say but I did not appreciate your statement about how keen you were to approach Shah Rukh Khan to play Munnabhai and Rancchod Das Chhancchad and even for ‘Ferrari Ki Sawari’ that now has Sharman Joshi playing the lead role. This straight-faced confession of yours in public has deeply hurt me… and I am sure fans of Munnabhai and Aamir would be equally depressed to have heard this from you.

You know what, I am glad Shah Rukh was unavailable every time you approached him for these films… for whatever reasons. No one else can portray the flamboyant and effervescent Munnabhai but Sanjay Dutt. Look how beautifully he has given life to the character that instantly struck an emotional chord with followers of the Munnabhai franchise. And Aamir in ‘3 Idiots’ was “perfect” as Rancchod Das Chhanchhad aka Phunsuk Wangdu. He looked literally like a college going kid with every action of his reminding us of how we behaved in our teens – his body language, his screen presence and the way he exhibited the character.

Every time I see Sanju Baba as Munnabhai, I feel there’s really someone called ‘Munnabhai’ around. He has done complete justice to the character and has left no stone unturned to transform himself into the lovable Munnabhai. Same is the case with Aamir in ‘3 Idiots’. As we all know he is a hardcore perfectionist and has done all possible things to look convincing as a brilliant student who is quite childlike and is a thorough prankster.

I really wonder how could you say, “Shah Rukh was offered `3 Idiots`, `Ferrari Ki Sawari`, `Munnabhai` and other films. He is our first guy – we go to him first and if he says no, then we move on.” Does that mean you would approach someone else ONLY if Shah Rukh was unavailable? Agreed producers and filmmakers have certain reservations and choices but that certainly doesn’t mean you would blatantly speak about your preferences that might end up hurting people. And that’s like undermining the worth of actors who finally worked in your films.

Yes, I do know for a fact that Aamir and Sanjay must have really liked your scripts hence they decided to team up with you…but I am sure they wouldn’t ever like to play second fiddle to someone. So what if Sharman Joshi is not as big a star as Shah Rukh, he is undoubtedly a fine actor. I am sure he has done a great job in ‘Ferrari Ki Sawari’.

Having studied films in college, I do know what goes on in the mind of a director-producer like you and I have a lot of respect for the seat you occupy. But please refrain from making such statements for you never know you might end up not finding the best actor for your films in future.

I am sorry if I am being blunt, but this is how you sounded while saying, “He (SRK) is our first guy – we go to him first and if he says no, then we move on.”

But I am glad you said, “Today, I feel Sanjay is perfect as Munna and same way Sharman fits the central role in `Ferrari Ki Sawari`.” You reportedly are also keen on casting Aamir and Vidya Balan in a film. I hope this time around Aamir was your first choice!

But what is the point in clarifying now Mr. Chopra? Stop mincing words and put it straight – you couldn’t have found a better Munnabhai in the form of Sanjay Dutt, Rancho in Aamir Khan and Rustam in Sharman.

Trust me, I have nothing personal against you or Shah Rukh Khan but I thought of venting my angst so that sincere feelings of mine and many others could reach you through this piece.

(Disclaimer: I ain’t an enemy of Shah Rukh Khan. He is a brilliant actor and someone I adore. So please, fans of Shah Rukh Khan do not slam me for not favouring him in this case, though I know I am bound to face severe criticism from all of you for writing this.)



  1. Suraj
    April 8, 2012 at 3:25 AM

    LOL! I think this writer mistook VVC’s statements! :D
    The way I see it, VVC is a man who gives importance ONLY to himself and not to any Khan, Kapoor or Bachchan! His comment seemed like he was trying to show SRK what he had lost by rejecting his offers! It was certainly not a genuine compliment from him to SRK, to show that he was too keen to work with him.
    Anyone who watches or reads VVC’s interviews can judge he’s pompous and makes it look as if he did some great thing by discovering Raju Hirani and as if he made Sharman or Aamir or revived Sanjay Dutt’s career!
    I remember cringing at his bits in the making of 3 Idiots book too! He sounded like Raju and Abhijat couldn’t have made the film without his crucial support and contributions!
    It’s one thing to speak about your contribution, but it’s different when you’re bragging!
    I still remember those Eklavya interviews where he said to Big B that this was his best performance ever. But when Big B said he felt he could have done better, VVC said that’s bullshit! Kept insisting only he extracted the best from Big B!
    If SRK is indeed his first choice always, then why only Aamir was considered for Raju Hirani’s next? And why did he express he wanted Aamir and Hrithik with Vidya in a film? Even for FKS he first talked to Aamir, then talked to SRK, later conducted a public poll in which Aamir & Sharman won – so he went ahead with Sharman then.
    He just wants to show off his successes, show off what others are losing or gaining by not working or working with him! He cares neither about Vidya, Aamir, Sharman or Sanjay nor SRK! And if you read any of the books on making of 3I or Munnabhai films, you’ll find him boasting about how he found and groomed Raju Hirani jaise johri ne heere ki parakh kar li! Ha!

  2. Talaash
    April 8, 2012 at 9:44 AM

    I don’t understand hw can a guy even get upset on such silly things :P

  3. Sanjeev
    April 8, 2012 at 1:51 PM

    Chillax mate.., this happens to about 40 percent of the movies… besides you can take it in any way you want depending on who you are:

    Srk fan: wow srk was offered these good movies.. He must be a hellaf a good actor

    Srk hater: hahaha srk must be feeling bad for not doing these movies…

    Neutral: I don’t give a shit about this

  4. Dan
    April 8, 2012 at 2:06 PM

    This guy is megalomaniac Just like SRK. All he acre is bragging about himself. I remember when Lagaan Got nominated for oscars, he got interviewed by some news channel, and he was so aghast about the fame Aamir got at that time, and start te te about his short film got nominated for the same. He was wondering why such fame for Aamir, not me. He should be thankful to Raju , Sanju, And aamir, that this decade will remember him as most successful producer, otherwise Kareeb, Mission Kashmir, And Eklavya left no place for him to left directorial aspirations. Though he is a commendable Director, but lacks commercial streak.

  5. TanqeedNigaar
    April 8, 2012 at 2:08 PM

    the main part who make these film best is hirani, he is the best director, sanjay and aamir do their part but i say it was hirani all the way,
    but why hirani works only with vvc,

  6. Suraj
    April 8, 2012 at 7:17 PM


    It would have been Hirani all the way, no matter which actor did those films (not just Sanju or Aamir). :D
    Still, one can’t deny their due to actors like Sanju, Arshad, Boman, Aamir, Madhavan, Sharman, Omi etc., for doing complete justice to Raju’s vision.

    Hirani only works with VVC out of sheer loyalty. VVC was the one who encouraged him to become a director and write scripts, and he gave him work. So he sticks to his banner purely out of sense of friendship and loyalty. They say he’s been offered mindboggling sum of money to step out of Vinod Chopra Films and make films for other banners, but he simply refuses them, no matter how lucrative offers he gets!
    He’s said to be a very loyal, simple and sincere man and always maintains he’s satisfied and happy working with VVC, makes a great team with him.

  7. superman
    April 8, 2012 at 7:41 PM

    to be honest i dont think munnabhai or hirani could have become what they did without sanju. Munnabhai would never have been the movie it turned out to be had sanju not played the title role. It was after the munnabhai films hirani became a force and i dont think he could have become such a force had sanjay dutt not been cast as munnabhai. 3 idiots wasn’t all that special to me nowhere near to as good as the munnabhai movies and 3idiots could have been a hit without amiar it wasnt all that a challenging role but munnabhai is hard to imagine without dutt

  8. Suraj
    April 8, 2012 at 8:57 PM


    Ha! Yeah. Another guy who still has problems with 3I and its impact!
    Trash films of other stars are great or challenging while 3I could have been hit even without Aamir! Keep saying whatever you want to. A useless actor or a guy who comes with baggage of his own image and contrived mannerisms would have ruined Rancho! But Aamir breathed life to Rancho without ruining the essence of the film in trying to make it a ”star vehicle” for him.

    Anyway, here is VVC’s quote on Aamir in 3 Idiots from the book, ”I’ll Do it My Way” on Aamir Khan’s films: ”All I can say is that we were very fortunate to have him. I don’t think anybody else could do what he has done to the film.”

    He and Raju Hirani also described how Aamir led the team of actors and stood like a rock-solid support for Raju, Abhijat and VVC. Raju Hirani.

    And do you think Aamir merely happened to accept a ready-made good script? :D

    No boss! Read the book on making of 3 Idiots. Aamir clearly mentioned in his interview that his first reaction to the script was of disappointment. It did not work for him and he openly told Raju that he would have to opt out of the film if the script was this way only. He felt the script had potential but was not in place yet. He discussed his issues with the script with Raju and Raju agreed to a lot of his points. Raju then came back to him two months later with the improvised script and this time Aamir agreed to do the film.

    In fact, there are several much admired scenes in 3 Idiots, which were added through inputs from not just Aamir, but also Madhavan and Kareena.

    It is very easy for a hater or commentator to say that any actor could have done the film and made it a hit. Sorry. Not all actors can gel well with their team or make improvements for the betterment of the film as a whole.

    And finally, it is reported that SRK was first choice for 3 Idiots. No. The first actor with whom this film was discussed was Saif Ali Khan. VVC and Raju discussed doing this film with him during the making of Eklavya. Later on they went to other actors as the film’s idea developed further.

    Other actors perhaps only add item numbers to make their film good, but Aamir has the expertise to work with the filmmakers on how to improvise the film. The making of 3 Idiots book clearly mentions how all actors and team of the film worked together, incorporated each other’s valid suggestions to come up with the final product.

    Detractors can say what they want to say, 3 Idiots is an epic success and Rancho has made impact on minds of audience all over the world. No one else can be imagined in role of Rancho now (except for fanatics of other stars who diss this film but secretly wish why their favorite actor wasn’t cast or didn’t do this film!).

    Aal izz well! :D

  9. Serenzy
    April 9, 2012 at 1:30 AM


    ur last two para’s were Knock Outs.

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