Komal Nahta: HOUSEFULL 2 has 14 cr friday and collections today also very good
Tashan | April 7, 2012, 4:02 PM | 12 comments | 0 views

2nd biggest opener of the year and the biggest ever for Akshay

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  1. Delight44

    Plz stop using this word “ever” for every 2nd movie considering the size of release nowadays

    Btw PLayers was biggest opener of 2012 when it released on Jan6,2012.

    HF is all set to cross 80 crore lifetime.

  2. Serenzy

    “2nd biggest opener of the year and the biggest ever for Akshay”


    Which is first???????????

  3. Aditya007

    1st opener of year 2012 is Agneepath.
    & for akshay TMK was 12.6cr before HF2.

    Collection of satureday is superb.

  4. danish

    12 stars and 14 cr. yaani per star 1.25 cr. akshay ki yahi aukaat hai bas. chale the salman se muqabla karne. akela 23 cr ki opening laata hai wo.

  5. AwesomeAkshay

    @danish kyun comment kar kar ke thakre ho

  6. Serenzy


    BG’s 20cr(not 23cr) opening was broken by AP.

    Highest day ever wid RA.One @ 25cr(incl reg).

  7. ady_koolz

    Housefull 2 is sure shot 100 cr grosser…Public response is very positive…

  8. aryan29

    @Serenzy This is Komal nahta’s numbers(14crores)and thread so danish is telling his numbers which were 23crores day 1 for BG according to Komal Nahta whereas BOI has 20.something crores.

  9. AwesomeAkshay

    if you have to say something,have guts to say it here chatbox pe kyun rota hai panchvi fail. What if i am an student can’t i joing NG Aur han main 10th pass hun aur tujh se jada hi number hai mere . Sala 10th fail bolta hai chirkut kahin ka

  10. AwesomeAkshay

    sry….the above comment was for aryan29 gadaha

  11. aryan29

    @AwesomeAkshay this comment is for you chutiye.

    have you totally lost it WTF you are 10th std or whatever percentge or student.i never made any such comment on you neither in SB nor WTH you are talking about?


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