Housefull – 2 Business Dynamics
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* A Non-Subsidized Analysis

The Total Cost of Housefull 2 is 72 cr .

Satellite Recovery = 25 cr.

Music Sales and other = 6 cr.

If it does 100 cr Nett in India, share will be 54 cr and overseas lets say 8 cr(3.5 Million USD), then total revenue will be 93 cr, giving a profit of 21 cr.

Thats good enough for Hit verdict i suppose.

Comparable movies are Ready and Golmaal 3.

Both the above movies had cost little lower than Housefull 2 as they were shot in India.

Ready cost will be like 60+ cr and Golmaal 3 around 63 cr today.

Inflation Adjusted All India Nett for Ready will be 133 cr and Golmaal 3 135 cr and both were classified Blockbusters.

Thus Overall Classification Will be as follows ,

Hit = ~ 100 cr

Superhit = ~120 cr

Blockbuster = 130-135 cr

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  1. Serenzy

    72cr incl. PP????

    Even HF was shot in Italy and UK but it was HIT at 72cr.

    What was Total Budget of Housefull???


    I think at 90cr+ , HF-2 is Clean Hit(4th Success of the year in 4 months).

  2. Delight44

    Taking a more realistic scenario:80 crore lifetime India[42-43 crore DS]
    15 crore lifetime overseas[7 crore DS]

    Around 80-81 crore total revenue with 9 crore profit

    Verdict shd be average as revenue is nowhr near doubling the cost,
    sites like BOI ‘ll declare it as HIT or above average[good-will reasons]

  3. Doga

    HF1 Cost = 58 cr.

    Total Revenue ,

    India = 37 cr

    Overseas = 8 cr

    Satellite/Music/Others = 23 cr

    Total Revenue = 68 cr

  4. Aditya007

    According to komal Nahta tweet yesterday-: #Housefull2 will be in Profit from 5th
    Cheak it.

    1st day should be 15-16cr .bt early estimate says different it approx 14.5-15cr range. Bt exact figure not out yet. Waiting for official info about collection of 1st .

  5. Tango


    Satellite has already been sold for 25 crore.

    Music will go for 5-6 crore + home DVD I don’t know yet (should be about 3 cr +)

    UK subsidy I will not talk about (though it will be about 12 crore), magar chalo chhodo abhi.

  6. Bilawal

    @Doga – u r too strict now. 100cr for hit is bit too much.

    It will recover costs at ~55Cr nett India + 15-20Cr overseas.

    So for me:

    Average to above average at 65Cr nett ( 6 to 8 Cr profit — average being bank fixed-deposit rates @8.75% interest rate)

    Semi-hit from 65 to 75Cr nett ( 8 to 14Cr profit)

    Hit from 75cr to 90Cr ( 14cr to 22Cr profit)

    Superhit from 90cr to 110Cr

    Mega superhit if it does 110cr+

    *** Above figures are India Nett while profit figures in bracket include Worldwide business

  7. Bilawal

    And yes even I am not including subsidy.

  8. Serenzy


    there is no such thing as subsidy in BO business…

    DB and RA.One both were clear FAILURES


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