A ‘rowdy’ comparison
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A ‘rowdy’ comparison

No actor likes to be compared, especially when he has been at the top. Maybe that’s why it was understandable for Akshay to get irritated with constant comparisons with Salman Khan, at the much-hyped launch of the official trailer of Rowdy Rathore. Having been an action star once, Akshay went on to find fame in the comedy genre as well, while Salman Khan took the opportunity to conquer his territory with Wanted and Dabangg among many more. But now it looks like the khiladi Akshay wants to reclaim his original tag.

He said at the event, “I thought we number horses that race against each other. I think it’s unfair to number actors. Salman is a friend. He does what he is good at and I am doing my job.” What was supposed to be a big day for the actor soon turned into a nightmare as the rowdy crowds began to pelt stones on the stage while cheering for Salman. An eyewitness said, “If you see the trailer, you’ll see how it’s a cocktail of Dabangg and Wanted. For the common man, Salman is the god of the masses and no one can replace him. Akshay sensed the crowd sentiment and his reaction showed that he didn’t take too kindly to it.

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  1. Sahil19

    hahahahahahahaha, this has to be the funniest thing i have ever read, sallu fans propaganda.

  2. Aditya007

    Action ka baap , akshay!
    Akshay break mostly all record with RR &HF2.

  3. Rockyy

    Yeah i too heard n many news channel sayin akki copied ‘dabangg salman’ n taking sallu’s path to save his carrier… Btw hf2 is getting Mixed response…

  4. KM

    If this is true… matches a lot of people’s feelings abt the RR promos….copy of Dabang/Singham…….Akshay left a poor impact as an actor imo


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