Teri Meri Kahaani Stills
Shalu | April 5, 2012, 1:39 PM | 14 comments | 0 views

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  1. Action

    looks good.Whats the release date?Will it clash RR?

    1. Shalu

      Thankfully not clashing with RR, releasing on 22nd June.

  2. Prashant

    luks boring.. Hugely dissappointed!

  3. Twinkle

    All looks are similar to his previous films. Boring film i guess.

  4. wall-D

    Such movies with many love stories set in different era are all about good looks and visually great. But ultimately they turn out to be dud.
    As for the looks of these stars, none of their looks seems interesting these days after mausam and ‘what is ur rashii’.

  5. dwnpiyush

    Been there done that! Will be mightily surprised if this movie works- irrespective of how good the music is.

  6. Tashan

    @shalu i heard neha sharma has a role in this one is it true? she has far sexier and prettier than pc waiting for the promo for her BTW ponty chadha has bought this film for 50 crores

    1. Shalu

      Yes, Neha Sharma plays Shahid’s girlfriend/ex-girlfriend in the 2012 love story. I also read about Ponty Chaddha buying the film but I think it was for 55 cr.

  7. prg

    this movie does not look to be my cup of tea… will skip this one

  8. Jasp the Wasp

    Generic, in one word. And PC cannot carry off Punjabi attire the way Preity Zinta could (and she is something of a benchmark for heroines’ Punjabi clothing).

  9. Jasp the Wasp

    Btw is the film’s name derived from “Teri Meri” song? Like:-

    TERI MERI, meri teri, prem KAHAANI hai mushkil….

    Doesn’t sound accidental to me :P

  10. Ank

    Another anjana anjani or emaet is coming.
    Final verdict average

  11. Serenzy


    me too felt d same.


    good point observed…D one on PZ.


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