Paan Singh Tomar is Brilliance.


Paan Singh Tomar.
Saw it yestrday at theatre….Superbly made movie…Great sequences…Awesome 1st half & a lil bit of downer in the 2nd half.
But the drama,the pain and the comedy was so endearing,subtle and peppred with delightful Bhojpuri Hindi dat d Movie works big time.

The supporting cast is good in their small but Impactful roles(just to compare,Kahaani’s supprting cast was better).

Irrfan SHINES and Excels brilliantly and his performance is better dan d movie(worth the price of the ticket).

Tigmanshu as a director was Fab but he has had bettr directd movies bcz ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ was Irrfan’s Magic all the way.

Rating – 3.5/5

I gave Kahaani – 4/5


Compared to other Tigmanshu’s Works :-

Haasil – 5/5
SBAG – 4/5
PST- 3.5/5
Charas – 2.5/5
Shagird – 1.5/5


Tigmanshu,Imtiaz Ali,Sriram Raghvan,Dibakar Banerjee,Shimit Amin,Anurag Kashyap,Ayan Mukherjee,Neeraj Pandey,Habib Faisal,Farhan Akhtar & Vikramadita Motwane
are some of my Favourite Directors of My Generation