HOUSEFULL 2 set for a bumper opening!
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There is no denying the fact that actor Akshay Kumar’s career is going through a bad phase for the last few years. Fortunately the situation is not as bad as it was during the second half of the nineties, where the ‘Khiladi’ had delivered many flops in a row.

In fact unlike the media perceptions, films like TEES MAAR KHAN, DE DANA DAN and DESI BOYZ have managed to trickle on to the profit zone, and by and large Akshay is still managing to pull his movies to 45-50 crores which proves that his fan base is still intact and it’s just the movies that haven’t worked.

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However, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and for Akshay it is in the form of Sajid Khan’s HOUSEFULL 2, which is all set to release this Friday. As may be recalled Akki’s last clean hit (and also the biggest grosser of his career) was none other than Sajid Khan’s HOUSEFULL. And that is precisely the reason why all eyes are now focused on HOUSEFULL 2.

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The film is being touted as the one which will give a new lease of life to Akshay Kumar’s sagging career, and we have extremely good news for the fans of Akshay regarding the opening of HOUSEFULL. Says India’s leading trade expert on the initial of HOUSEFULL 2, ”It should be bumper. It’s a star studded fare, its songs are becoming very popular, its promotion is excellent and it is a sequel of a successful film. Not to forget that 6th April, the day of its release, is a bank holiday on account of Good Friday.”

Indeed it is good news for all concerned and hopefully HOUSEFULL 2 will embark on a bumper start this Friday!


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  1. Superstar SAM

    Early review hasnt come yet, premiere has been held today in singapore reports wil flow frm 2mrw…
    Btw iam much confidence on hf2, neither i like hf nor hf2 trailer.. Hope atleast it collect 100cr+ for d sake of akki.

  2. Serenzy

    Clearly akki had “only two” clean successes post Singh Is Kinng in 2008…De Dana Dan & Housefull…

    While he was superb in Patiala House(but dat was overshadowed by disastrous TMK).

    All d Best to HF-2.

  3. Aditya007

    this will be sure shott success & defanitely 100+cr nett .
    B-town insiders saying who saw the movie already – movie is aswesome , vry funny.

  4. Jasp the Wasp

    B-town insiders also called Saawariya and Ra.One as fabulous films. Need I say more? :P

  5. Tango

    Just talking here about opening and not about how the film is. Obviously, rest will depend on contents (just like I said about AV).

  6. Fasel

    Post CC2C, I believe Akshay has only one clean HIT and that is Houseful.

  7. Aditya007

    Singapore response in HF2 premierrrr….::Awesome response, minblowing , 1st half is a killer & 2nd is a awesome. The acting is superb of all.
    Many people says twitter.
    Insiders like jacky bhagnani, bhavna pandey etc.

  8. Superstar SAM

    Every movie get +ve response during its premiere..

  9. Fasel

    Prakash Jaju ? @prakashjaju
    @Hasmit_Dil_Se Advance booking of HF2 has opened in Chandan Juhu today but not a single ticket sold so far which is sad.

    Bhavana Pandey ? @BhavanaPandey
    saw Housefull 2.its one of the most entertaining films..full paisa vasool with all the comedy,action and drama..must watch for all the fun

    MTV India ? @MTVIndia
    Breaking: Housefull 2 will be delayed because recent pictures confirm that Sajid Khan has eaten the entire cast.

  10. Mr. Mintu

    If the opening is not bumper, akshay, sajid nadiadwala and sajid khan will need to apply for gold loan from manappuram finance to make their next film.


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