Does Pritam plagarize once again?
Fasel | April 3, 2012, 3:24 AM | 3 comments | 0 views

Right Now from HF2 sounds alot like Akon’s Right Now Na Na?

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  1. dennycrane1

    its definitely not copied from nanana…keep looking in youtube..wid pritam u might just find a similar song ..u never know…u do seem to have lousy detective qualities though :D

    TIP- try checking out songs from some other lesser known languages…after all pritam is the master criminal :D..after race…he is not going to make it so easy and obvious for you..he has learnt from his mistakes :D

  2. movie_funk

    BTW Sajid- Wajid have composed the music for HF2.

  3. Tango

    The vultures are moving in and it is sad to see Abhijeet (at one time my fav crooner ) joining in the bandwagon to cash in at the eleventh hour.

    Rt from his first few songs ‘Shaadmani’ (Boxer) to Vaada Raha (Khiladi) and Bas Itna Sa Khawaab hai (Yes Boss) etc just loved his songs, but his recent acts and also publicity stunts like these really make me sad.


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