Ishaqzaade Title Song
Shalu | April 2, 2012, 2:40 PM | 11 comments | 0 views

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  1. Shalu

    Loving the ‘Indian’ feel of this movie. Am fed up with NRI / wannabe-NRI romances.

  2. Serenzy

    Pacy Song…Good on the years.

    Ishaqzaade gives me a BnB wali feel vich is set in Dabangg land.
    Hope d film is good(aftr all its YRF & Habib Faisal).

    Habib wrote d brilliant BBB and d supebly Basu/Hrishikesh-esque Do Dooni Char(i still watch it on TV whenever it is aired).

    Problm fr d film might be d clash wid ‘Department’.

  3. Serenzy


    where u been??
    Missing ur wonderful ‘to-the-point’ & immaculate views dese days.
    Stay here coz ders a real BIGGIE coming up dis week.

    -U hate wannabe NRI romances(hmmm…Did somebody watch Mausam twice in theatre.. :P )
    haha…Anyways, best of luck for TMK(Teri Meri Kahaani)…Looking frward to it.

    -btw,r u d ‘Shalu Dhyani’ @ bollyspice????

  4. Shalu

    Serenzy, Thanks for the sweet words :) I’m around but don’t comment much as there isn’t anything interesting going on nowadays. BTW, I watched Mausam many times actually – only for Shahid Kapoor. Hated the movie though!

    Yup, I write reviews for bollyspice occasionally.

  5. RJ

    Nothing interesting?? Didn’t they release some new stills of the next Shahid Kapoor movie with PC? :D But yeah good you didn’t see them, he looked gay..!

  6. Serenzy

    Kool…I am an ardent visitor of Bollyspice.

    If u can dat plz pass on my msg to dat guy who does the ‘Who’s HOT,Who’s NOT’ posts….
    He does a fantastic job…Tell him to cover more such events.

  7. Fearlesssoul

    @Shalu – Don’t create fights by saying there is nothing interesting during Akshay kumar’s biggest release :P

  8. Shalu

    RJ, BOO for you!

    Serenzy, Will do.

    FS, Haha! Didn’t mean that – just that most posts nowadays are about star fights which bore me to death.

  9. Fearlesssoul

    @shalu – In that case you need to inject poison to eliminate these creatures in order to survive. Avoiding food doesn’t make you strong :P

  10. Yakuza

    @Shalu .. “BTW, I watched Mausam many times actually – only for Shahid Kapoor. Hated the movie though!”

    Lie Lie Lie …. Safed Jhooth ……… and i can prove !!

    “I saw it again just now and liked it this time!!!!! Never happened to me before man! You are right, the movie is not so bad. Totally agree with what you said about Pankaj Kapur’s direction.”

    Pakad liya … Either you are lying now .. or were lying earlier .. :)

    OR .. may you hated movie after 5th revisit .. ;)

  11. Shalu

    Yakuza, Okay here is the sequence – hated Mausam on my first watch, thought it isn’t so bad on my second, and realised it actually is very bad on my third watch :)


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