Punarjaman revenge story of a man who returns as a fly. Watch out for this film! Eega
Aayush | April 1, 2012, 11:54 PM | 9 comments | 0 views

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  1. assmasala

    Fantasstic trailer..

    Sudeeep rocks ..

    SS Rajamouli is the sensation of this generation..

    If at all this film gets remade .. i want SRK to do the role of Sudeep!

  2. prg

    this movie will rock…. SS Rajamouli is a master


    “SS Rajamouli is the sensation of this generation”

    i agree. He has become a master filmmaker now.

  3. Dogafull-2

    Awesome promo , i thought its wierd concept but well done.

  4. raviharsha

    Amazing trailer.

    kicha sudeep kills nani(hero) and he reincarnates as the fly .Looking forward to this film.Rajamouli did it again.I am expecting 40cr + share from both telugu and tamil versions.

  5. Nirjhar

    Looks interesting … hats off to SS Rajamouli!

  6. Harsha

    Sudeep in -ve role.. awesome!!!! weird but interesting concept

  7. Tango

    The villain looks awesome, the technical aspects first rate, but I find the idea more fit for a children’s film category.


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