HOUSEFULL 2 First exclusive short review and release details

As i told u people HOUSEFULL 2 had an early release in some parts of UK due to the easter holidays and one of my friend did catch up the movie heres what her reaction is…

Its way better than Housefull and even Desi boyz which she loved alot, the film has no sad or serious moments except a couple of them, rest from start to finish its out and out hilarious with some wicked moments…. Akshay shines the most and has an outright funny role ala Msk,Dhp,Php with no emotional angle like his recent comedies…

the theatre was full and most ppl loved it… Its a proper fun film, must watch

Well i hope its actually as good as she says:)

RELEASE details

HOUSEFULL 2 is getting a huge release in india of around 2800 prints which is equalent to 4000 screens so if it manages to open well then it should put up big numbers over the weekend and also the week.


  1. come_fall_in_chat said:

    @rockyy eithr u hate it or loved it housefull has done well at boxoffice n it sustains also so it shows most of the audience like housefull.

  2. Kumar3798 said:

    @Tashan bro 4000screens in Ind alone or IND+OVERSEAS 4000 screens cuz Raone was around 3100scrn in Ind nd around 900 overseas.ND whats d source ,r u sure abt 4000 screens

  3. Tashan said:

    india only…overseas shud be 500/600 prints maximum…main thing is prints not screens cos AV is a disaster and kahaani almost over so HF2 will automatically have all the screens and theatres

  4. come_fall_in_chat said:

    its confirmed that hf2 gona release in 4000 screens but its not clear its for in dia or all over world as mrs.nadiadwala replied m on twitter that hf2 is releasing on 4000 screen but didnt mention is it in india or in worldwide.

  5. Aditya007 said:

    bt, tashan ,i think it’llbe india wid 3500+ nd overseas 500/600+ screen space.

    If its vry true than 1st day will be 15-17+cr .approx

  6. AwesomeAkshay said:

    jackkybhagnani- Just
    saw HOUSEFUL 2 its
    tooo funny very good
    entertainin film sajid
    khan has killed it with
    his direction

  7. Fearlesssoul said:

    Read Properly @AwesomeAkshay – “sajid khan has killed it with his direction” – that means it could have been too funny & very good entertainer but sajid has killed it…. :P

  8. Serenzy said:

    Wat film is Dhp???


    plz write movie name in full forms in post atleast.
    This is NG and not akshay kumar fan blog.

  9. AwesomeAkshay said:

    BhavanaPandey -
    saw Housefull 2.its one of the most entertaining films..full paisa vasool with all the comedy,action and drama..must watch for all the fun

  10. Serenzy said:

    I will be terribly and hugely dissapointed if Chunky Pandey’s Aakhri Pasta isnt given more footage and time in Hf-2.

    He was rocking and epic in HF.

    Aakhri Pasta really needs to b der till d end…Fantastik it will be..

    cud u ask ur friend u “claim” who has seen d movie dat how much time does chunky have??

    I want akki,ritesh,boman,chunky,rishi & mithun da to rock in dis movie!!!

  11. beckett said:

    @Fearlesssoul “Just
    saw HOUSEFUL 2 its
    tooo funny very good
    entertainin film” does not gel with your interpretation of “sajid
    khan has killed it with his direction”.. I guess, he used “killed” in a positive way..Though not the correct verb to use in this context..

  12. Tashan said:

    @champ he has a bigger role this time and to MODS kindly check whats wrong my user settings again, the comments are off.