1. Aditya007 said:

    It should be 1st day opening 14-15+cr

    Ormax media – update::

    HF2 prediction got Exllent respnse , & range is 20-50cr weekend.
    Mostly 40+cr.

  2. Aditya007 said:

    No, i think ,it’ll be worldwide .
    3500+ ind
    & 500 overseas.

    If 4000 screen happen only in india then it’ll be sure shott 100+cr nett in india.
    Nd 1st day will be 18+cr.!!!!
    Lets… What happen!!!!!

  3. Superstar SAM said:

    Wat? 4000 screen, no way, lol even 50% + occupancy wil make 20 cr+ frst..
    I m doubtful wheter india has 4000 screen for hindi(excluding regional)

  4. come_fall_in_chat said:

    here come the one of the full from house of fool thats danish who thinks abt 4000 tv that shows his talent ha ha ha

  5. Delight44 said:

    Is this movie a part of Government’s Congestion Control scheme[CCS]?

    Har screeen par 1 banda baithkar aaram se movie dekhega[soega],
    fir bhi kuch screens vacant reh jaengi.

  6. AwesomeAkshay said:

    Screen Counting::

    India: Almost 4000 Screens
    Overseas: Almost 600 Screens

    so the movie is a sure shot BLockbuster