1. Superstar SAM said:

    Thur is nt holiday, i thnk mahveer jayanti is 4 th as we hav holday in coll, am nt sure whch holiday is tat..may be thats y they postpond it to fsi

  2. Serenzy said:


    there is holiday(all India) on thu and fri.
    Not on wed.

    HF-2 makers r stupid to postpone d film…It cud have been a huge 4-day weekend but not it will have a normal weekend.

    Now hf2 is in ‘Ready’ like position(content and BO wise).
    Lets see if Akki can even come close to Salman’s Ready(forget Dabangg and BG).

  3. Aditya007 said:

    Bro HF2 releasing at 6 april at good friday (all over vacation) instedof 5 april ( vacation is Only some part of india).

    Aur aap avi se ready ke sath kyun compare kr rahe hai, coz usse pahle salman khan 1-2 hits aur atbb aa chuki thi to uska effect to ready pr padega na. If akki ki salman jaisi position hoti then u compare it.

  4. Serenzy said:


    the stakes r high dese days so d competetion shud b higher.

    Anyways,let’s c how d goodwill of PH & DB rubs off on HF-2.

    And content must be good too(crap content was der in ready and G3) BUT still dey r huge hits… If hf2 content is bad den God Save the film.