You see a woman with 80% burns on the body and you think suddenly – can man be so cruel as to burn and char the existence of another? You think – can an entity be so uneducated to burn a newly-wed for some petty issue? And then you find out that the husband is a former student of the Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai and later the Indian Institute of Management Kolkata.You enquire further knowing this can’t be for money and you meet another shocker. The man shamelessly admits he didn’t enjoy his wife as she was way too reserved and not giving into things. And then in bewilderment you write and fill the IPC/MLC form. Before the husband is escorted away, you – out of shameless curiosity ask – who will pay the bills? The husband replies -Not me in this lifetime!

And you suddenly start feeling a repulsion towards the complicated structure of society we reside in with so much unspoken and so much still left to be done! Top institutions, big Money and a grand lifestyle mean nothing. Life is better defined by the way you think and act; people have seen a rickshaw-wallah lovingly bearing all the expenses of his wife’s delivery by working hard day and night. On the other hand, educated people burn their wives maybe just because sex or something else became the most important issue in an institution called marriage.

Never judge a person’s upbringing by his education! As somebody said, the grooming is most important. And this is perhaps modern India’s greatest paradox. We stand at the threshold of superficial liberality towards subjects and yet harbor pre-colonial superstitions and beliefs that often border on barbaric. Only a blind person would fail to miss out how many contradictions exist in this mess called India.

Recently, an India Today article highlighted on the cruelest possible form of dehumanizing – the concept of female foeticide and female infanticide. The article pointed out such facts that would shock your heart out of your body. Due to the Indian Government’s new Rules regarding female child practices, which include banning of pre-natal sex determination, parents have found new ugly ways to carry out their dastardly practices. Since killing a child before birth is now not as easy as before (though it would be foolish to say it has stopped completely) some new methods have been invented to bypass Government regulations by making post-birth deaths that look like natural deaths.

In a Rajasthani village, parents decided to kill their only female child by “inducing” pneumonia. The trick? Dip the three-month-old infant into a tub of cold water and then leave the child out on the windy porch. The process hardly takes an hour, and by the end one has a lifeless little corpse. Another now-popular method is to mix one drop of strong alcohol, drunk by the heavy drinkers at taverns, with the baby’s milk or by directly giving it to the infant. The child dies within half an hour. Not only is this shocking to hear, such practices are tantamount to torture. And of whom? Small little innocent babies who have done no wrong other than being born into the supposedly “cursed” race of humans.

Hearing such things often makes people sick to the stomach; how can a parent be like this? HOW? Such questions abound in your mind always, and the worst part is that at the end, you just look up at the skies and say this :-

“I’m glad it didn’t happen to me”.
(Contributions from Milind, Jasp and Aloof from SB)


  1. dwnpiyush
    March 28, 2012 at 2:15 AM

    This is truly unfortunate, and the worst thing about this is an average human being like me and you can do nothing to stop all this.

    I would not comment on the first husband-wife incident as we know nothing about their story except what would probably be the culmination- a horrific one at that surely- but there must be something behind this.

    But on the other points raised- of female infanticide and female foeticide- again we can only comment. On the surface these things are ghastly and utterly barbaric. But the question is what pushes these parents to take such cruel steps on their own blood and efforts? Is it blind faith? Or is it something else? As far as I know no faith or no superstition encourages such practices.

    I feel it is the fear of the future that acts as a trigger to such dastardly acts. The fear of a dark and listless future which would be worse than immediate death. The river nympth Ganga killed her own first seven sons with Shantanu as soon as they were born (the eight was Devutt or Bhishma Pitamah as he got to be known later). She killed them because she knew that their existence on earth would be a bane on them- their living would be life in hell.

    In these poverty stricken villages, a girl child is still seen as a burden. So who is to be blamed? Is it just the parents?

  2. suprabh
    March 28, 2012 at 6:52 AM

    I have a different perspective

    This or any other cruelty is unfortunate but it will NEVER ever stop. Human beings are fools to associate HUMANITY with only streamlined good aspects or good deeds (and the definition of good is also defined by the good ones!! )

    Whether you kill a baby when she’s born or torture somebody to death in a prison cell or kill soldiers of the enemy army –killing is killing.. Of course when you kill 20 soldiers of enemy nation, it is praised while killing a child is condemned. (as if the soldiers were a result of immaculate conception and killing over what? a piece of land– great job)

    This is all a part of basic human tendencies, its just that some have more of them while the others do not get a chance to realize and showcase it.

    What kind of sympathy does one feel when they kill the chicken to satisfy their taste buds or use rats to test their medicines. As I said its just a matter of whether somebody gets to practice their violent side or not.

    People here get aggravated over petite debates and insignificant arguments– take this aggravation, multiply it a 1000 times and apply it to the real life and then consider the complicated polar nature of human beings and you’d realize everything is just a part of human nature.

    I am not supporting any of the killings, just presenting a perspective towards the starting lines of this articles which talked about why and how can a human being do it.

  3. Tashan
    March 28, 2012 at 3:36 PM

    DAMNNNNN speechless

  4. Fearlesssoul
    March 28, 2012 at 9:53 PM

    If there was no birth there would have been no death. If there was no Hunger then there is No Killer. If there was no Producer then there would be no Destroyer.

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