Agent Vinod : The Vigil Idiot Review
Arise_Awake | March 28, 2012, 2:35 PM | 15 comments | 0 views

After a briefish hiatus, we’re back up and running, boys & girls! And what a movie we’re back with too! Action, Romance, Drama… All of which sucked donkey balls in Saif Ali Khan’s ‘Agent Vinod’! To summarise briefly, I’d rather have watched Sunny Deol in ‘The Hero – Love Story of a Spy’, because at least you get watch Sunny Deol dry heave to bad music in ‘The Hero – Love Story of a Spy’. Man alive, that was a kickassingly named film!

The review of VigilIdiot is Here ====== > Down





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  1. dwnpiyush

    I know people will say that its just good humor and one should take in the right spirits- sportingly. But to me it is extremely sad to see someone making a career out of maligning and ridiculing someone else’s efforts and hard-work. And people applauding and patronizing his work.

  2. tony montana

    ” But to me it is extremely sad to see someone making a career out of maligning and ridiculing someone else’s efforts and hard-work.”

    completely disagree,these ppl are living in a public platform ,they get the money from our pockets.. we have every right to criticise them when they produce substandard products..

    1. dwnpiyush

      I bet this Vigil Idiot with his sharp wit and complete irreverence can write such posts even on well appreciated classics- even on something like Sholay. In my view this is not criticism.

  3. tony montana

    has he done that before.. i think this guy is more smart,i havent seen him giving this kinda reviews to universally accepeted movies like 3 idiots or munnabhai or even dabangg.. he would actually come as “trying so hard to be funny” type if he does that..

    btw this review is 100 times more entertaining than the movie.. terribly disappointed with agentvinod,since i was having high expectations from sriram raghavan..

  4. Serenzy


    dude…Have i fucking missed you???

    wanting to say something more to u but cant gather my thoughts arnd for now.

    Plz do cmment more regularly on NG too as u do on SS so dat i get a chance to interact wid u more.(yes,i follow u asses on SS and see whats cooking der?!)

    great to c ur interest in hwood films too(being jobless does help sometime u mentioned it der)….Wud love to discuss a hell lot of more hwood,bacchan,exciting upcoming etc. movies wid u at some oder time.

    And plz do post ur wonderful views and cmments on NG also and not just on dat shitty SatyamSquirts.

  5. Serenzy

    Litteraly fell of my chair wen i read u havent even seen the Iconic Scarface of Pacino.

    U dont deserve to live and more iconically to dont hv d right to use his name.

    Use Vijay Dinanath Chauhan instead(another legend,hope u have seen dis atleast)

  6. tony montana

    champ.. im rango of SB.. dont mistake me with tonymontana of SS.. despite being a bachchan fan i feel SS is quite boring :) .. i dont comment there..

  7. tony montana

    so vigil has done it for 3 idiots.. and as i mentioned he does look like “trying hard ” type in that review..

  8. Serenzy

    Oh…My bad!!!

    but he too has d exact same DP and talking style/commenting style on SS so i thot it was u only.

  9. Serenzy

    Haha…Ya aryan bhai.
    Lol on me.

    But come to think of it…Our rango has Tony Montana as his name on NG and d user on Satayamshot has d same name.
    Also,their Display Pic is same,both r ultimate Bachchan fans and have similar style of commenting…Anyone will get confused!!!!


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