Last of the Mohicans (Soundtrack)


@ritz, suprabh and other music theme lovers, i had occasion to see this movie’s ending once on cable years ago but i didnt knew the name nor could trace it as i didnt knew the Heroes name but it was the poetic music and the ending that always held this images in my mind, and recently while surfing i came across a motivational video which had the background score of this movie.. and somehow i located the name from comments and googled it to find it was Daniel Day LEwis movie, but as i have never seen a movie of his it was a big surprise!!

But coming to music, i just love this background score, ahh it makes me feel so good and makes my morning beautiful, hope ya two fellas and others enjoy it too.. btw Salman-Shahrukh starrer Karan Arjun also had this tune in their movie ;)

Ending Scene:

Movie Soundtrack