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  1. Rex

    Prometheus is THE motion picture event of this year . The visuals are exotic, surreal & terrifyingly stunning & the tense occurrences happening in the movie spurs an undeniable curiosity .ON that, the itsy bitsy references to the “ALIEN” mythology also fires up the anticipation for this flick. This trailer seriously poops all over AVATAR & the blue skinned melodramatic dwellers of Pandora.

  2. Nirjhar

    Awesome second trailer :) … My motion picture event of this year is now a tie between Hobbit, Prometheus and Dark Knight Rises :P

  3. Nirjhar

    “Hunger Games” is releasing next week … any fan here? … may be Arise_Awake is one, I remember him/her talking abt it once

  4. Jasp the Wasp

    I am very eager for The Hunger Games. The trailers kick a$$.

  5. Serenzy

    I am awaiting :-

    The Hunger Games(Next Gen Harry Potter/Twilight Series…It is a triology)

    Django Unchained
    The Hobbit
    The Avengers

    ………And last but not by any margin the least “THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS”

    TDKR is the ‘only’ Hollywood movie this year vich can seriously harm the BO prospects of a Bollywood Film in India….Any hindi/bwood film releasing along side TDKR will suffer BIG TIME for sure.

  6. Serenzy

    Is there any Scorcese OR Coen Brothers film releasing this year???

  7. RJ

    Nothing and I mean no film can beat what The Dark Knight Rises promises, and what it is going to offer. Rest all films will be punies in front of it.

  8. Serenzy

    @ RJ brother.

    Long time no see yaar…

    I have been catching up on lot(and I mean LOTS) of Hollywood movies in recent months.
    Been busy wid studies too dats y less of NG dese days.

    I too, am highly awaiting TDKR but I suspect it just might fall short of expectations.

    Nolan(God Bless him) is a Gem but can he falter too?
    Hmmm…Lets see what TDKR has to offer.

  9. Serenzy

    Another movie I am highly excited abt is Pixar’s Animation Movie- BRAVE.

    p.s- I am a Hugeeeeeee animation movie freak(and i think No.1 Fan of Animation Movies on NG where ppl disregard animation movies a lot- Milind,Suprabh)…
    Only Ihab and Rango(tony montana) have shown real respect to animation movies.

    I have watched around more den 80%(almost all) of american animation movies since the time of Toy Story in the 90’s.

    *Now I am thinking of watching some Cool Japanese Anime.
    So please any suggestions/Reccomendations.

  10. Rex

    TDKR is in a league of his own…for me it is probably the most anticipated movie since Deathly Hallows Part 2 from last year. SO, i dont want to wash away the awesomeness from TDKR by repeating its name in each & every threads. The name “TDKR” shud be used more adequate reasons & specially not to gauge the expectations from other HW event movies. TDKR is a league on its own. SO, after allocating TDKR its position i can safely say that PROMETHEUS is going to be the SUCKER PUNCH of this year (not referring to the movie) & will take everybody with his pants down. WATCH OUT FOR IT.

  11. Rex

    @ Serenzy

    Nice to see an admirer of animation movies on NG. Yes, true admirers for animations are pretty scarce here ……. nice to have u here …been running out of animated movies as already witnessed almost everything that Hollywood has to offer in that department.
    Not of a fan of animes , so i haven’t seen many cause of the loudness & awkwardness of the facial expressions. But from whatever i have seen of them i will suggest u to watch

    Spirited Away
    Howl’s Moving Castle
    Ghost In The Cell
    Princess Mononoke (pretty popular though havent checked it out yet )
    The Secret World Of Arrietty (recently released)

    Scorsese & Coen Brothers has nothing to offer us this year.

  12. Nirjhar

    @ Rex, Serenzy

    You can count me too in the admirer of animation group :D

    @ Serenzy

    If you havn’t seen any Japanese animation yet then you are going to find a treasure trove :P … jokes apart, unlike what Rex said I find Japanese animation more appealing … because they usually have a beautiful story, great imagination and more details in the frame … note down the name of Studio Ghibli … anything they have released is a gem … after watching Japanese animations my interest in Hollywood animations have gone down a lot

    My recommendations:

    1. Grave of the Fireflies
    2. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
    3. Princess Mononoke
    4. My Neighbor Totoro
    5. Spirited Away
    6. Whisper of the Heart
    7. Lupin 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro
    8. Howl’s Moving Castle
    9. Paprika
    10. Vampire Hunter D: Blood Lust

    Well, this list is based on the ones I have watched, and there are many titles which are left but I like them a lot … there are some very famous titles I have to see yet, like Ninja Scroll, Akira, Perfect Blue, Patlabor, etc – which explains why they’re not on the list … and among the series Death Note is on the top of my watchlist

    1. FS

      Nirjhar – I thought i had seen most of the animated movies but haven’t seen or heard any of the above mentioned movies except spirited away. Though i tried to watch “spirited away”, I could not sit through half of the movie as today’s animations are far more advanced and plausible. I saw Aakira but don’t know why it is liked so much? It was nothing greater than other cartoons on tv

      1. Nirjhar

        Its alright, subjective choice matters and also the animation of Spirited Away is a bit different … but when you’re venturing into Jap animation or manga territory it will need time to grow into you, because it is different from what we are used to see in hollywood ones … that is also true for other instances of life, like when I first tried to read Russian books it was like a hard to digest thing for me … their complex names, way of conversation, customs, culture everything was a new experience for me … but after a while I became used to it

        Well, I was happy with hollywood animated movies but after seeing Japanese ones I became a fan of them (specially Ghibli studio ones) and now hollywood ones no more interest me the same way as before … what catches me most is their amazing detailing, though it is 2D everything around is so lively … and their stories are also unique, more interesting and doesn’t treat the viewer as a child … I’m indebted to someone who introduced me to Ghibli movies, it opened up a whole new world before my eyes!

        1. FS

          When I was a child i use to like jap/kor cartoons a lot more than english cartoon coz of its detailing and different story. Even with 2D they were brilliant compared to english cartoons which mostly were kiddish.

          But after a while there was no access to such cartoons or movie any more and was left with only our cartoon network. I started liking animation movies more so after incredibles and before that i wasn’t much interested in such movies.

          Will try to catch up with Ghibli movies (are they some kind of series?) and are they available on torrentz?

          1. Nirjhar

            Yes FS, the popular ones are all available, even in 1080p formats … tell me which file size do you prefer … I will give you link on my thread so that I can delete the links later.

    2. FS

      Out of four films in this list that i have seen it would be as follows;

      Grave of fireflies
      spirited away
      my neighbour totoro
      akira (not in your list)

      well there is huge difference of gap between each of the above films in my likeness. I have copied the list and will try to catch remaining ones as soon as i can.

  13. Jasp the Wasp

    I’m a fan of animation too. I was really surprised when suprabh said he isn’t interested in them. He’s missing a lot.

  14. dennycrane1

    @serenzy-just watch the simpsons movie again and again..pretty much the funniest animation i have seen..or any pixar movies is worth repeating..not a fan of japanese anime though
    Denny crane

  15. suprabh

    My fav animations:

    1) Tom & Jerry
    2) The Popeye Show
    3) Scooby Do
    4) Top Cat
    5) The Jetsons
    6) Plastic Man
    7) Scooby Do laaf a lympics
    8) The Bugs and Daffy Show
    9) Road Runner
    10) The Flinstones

    Other shows that I also liked:

    Captain Planet
    Looney toons
    Richie rich
    Johnny Quest
    The Mask.

    1. FS

      Yaar tumne to school ki yaad diladi :) miss those days. I use to finish my Every breakfast and dinner before n after school with those cartoons u mentioned above for over the years. Centurians, captain planet, tom n jerry, flintones, mask, swat cats, poppeye, jonny quest, scooby doo, Road runner, Jonny bravo, mogli(i still see sometimes on youtube), Talespin, Tinytoon (the rabbit n duck ones), Lol there are many more especially the space n super power ones.

  16. Serenzy

    Moi Used to Watch,

    POKEMON[A Rage Bigger than Any Khan Release...Ask Any 2000's Kid].


    – And then the 90’s Classics,

    Cat Dog
    Courage, The Cowardly Dog
    Scooby Doo
    Spiderman[Animation in Hindi]
    Road Runner[Beep...BEEP!]
    Looney Toons
    Richie Rich
    The Mask

  17. Serenzy

    Moi Used to Watch,

    POKEMON[A Rage Bigger than Any Khan Release...Ask Any 2000's Kid].


    – And then the 90’s Classics,

    Cat Dog
    Courage, The Cowardly Dog
    Scooby Doo
    Spiderman[Animation in Hindi]
    Road Runner[Beep...BEEP!]
    Looney Toons
    Richie Rich
    The Mask

    The Kind of Cartoons they Show today on Indian TV’s Suck to the Core…Feel Bad for the New Generation!

    Even the Level, Classiness of WWE has Gone Down.
    Such a Shame!

  18. RJ

    For all the spectacularity of it all….this movie is such a DUD! The biggest disappointment I think of this year!!


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