Vicky Donor-Theatrical Trailer
Bournvita | March 11, 2012, 4:40 PM | 9 comments | 0 views

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  1. Tango

    Yup agree rocking.

    Anu Kapoor is in great form!

  2. Bournvita

    Tango sir, Producer of this movie is John Abraham?

  3. prg

    will be watching this movie.. liked the promo

  4. Tango

    Bournvita ji you are right John is the producer.

  5. Tango

    Much as I’m friendly with writer Sanjay Chauhan and director Tigmanshu is my hometown mate from Allahabad, Paan Singh Tomar has a budget of 8 crores with about 2.50 crore extra for print and publicity. So if gets to a very creditable 18-19 crore, it’ll still be just an above average at best.

    Plus it is no longer the preferred choice of the discerning audience after Kahaani.

  6. Tango

    Oops please delete mods :-( Wrong thread.

  7. Dj

    My god ! What a promo. I am an Aayusman fan whatever little i have saw him on TV. But this promo is mindblowing. Agar film iski aadhi bhi fun hogi to paisa vasool.

  8. Shalu

    Cool! I like Aayushman a lot. Hope this one helps establish him in bollywood.


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