Paan Singh Tomar beats Bodyguard, RA One, DON2, Agneepath in BoxOffice Race
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Paan singh tomar, which was relesed on 200 digital prints and accumulated 7.5 cr, has registered far better occupancy than the first hit of the year Agneepath which had collected approx. 71 cr in first week on 2500 prints.

Not just that, rock steady collection of the film has given it far better occupancy than the biggest grosser of last year BodyGuard and the biggest flop of the decade Raone(though it was record opener). While, Don2 stands nowhere in the competition.

Agneepath Avg. Occupancy  – 71 cr /2500 prints =  2.84 Lacs per print in First Week

PST Avg. Occupancy     –   7.5 cr/200 prints = 3.75 Lacs per Print

RA One Avg. Occupancy – 86 cr /3000 prints =  2.86 Lacs per print

BodyGuard Avg. occupancy 85 cr / 2500 prints = 3.4 Lacs per print

Salman, SRK, hrithik hangs their head in shame before you Mr. Tomar Irfaan Khan and Tigmanshu Dhulia.

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  1. rajeev singh

    @wall-D PST is a very nice movie,even much better than the movies you have discussed……but don’t you think you are doing wrong comparison….do you think if released on 1000 prints or 2000 prints also this avg may have remained the same…. i don’t think so…..

    ‘ra one biggest flop of decade’ good joke….

  2. wall-D

    Yes, rajeev it could have. If budget was same and marketting was of the same level.
    No wonder it would have been another 3i if some big superstar and a real actor was the leading star. But that is the whole point, big stars hardly chose such roles and cant recall when was the last time they did justice to a role.
    If we can give verdict based on the same parameters like roi, why cant we compare occupancy.
    Your query is hypothetical, hence my response is futile too.
    I wish, someday , our top stars take the challenge to choose better scripts and do justice to the role.

    1. rajeev singh

      i will say NO, PST may have never earned wider acceptance with wider release…..don’t forgot this movie is running well in multiplexes only, the single screen will never accept this movie…..another thing is no big star will fit in this role , it needs a non glamorous actor not a star…..where will ou put money in this movie, will you make paan singh wearing branded clothes or zooming in BMW, in any of the case like that the movie may have lost it’s originality……..this movies target audience is very small and it’s doing extremely well for them…..
      my query is not at all hypothetical, it’s reality from bollywood to hollywood, small movies do well with actors, but it didn’t mean it will break records with wider release……

  3. danish

    @Wall-d – bodyguard di 102 cr in week one that is and not 85 cr. 85 cr was 1st extended weekend collections (wed to sunday) so obviously ur calculations for bodyguard are wrong.

    1000000000/2500 prints = 400000 per print, much ahead of paan singh tomar despite the huge release size.

    but i dont think irrfan khan shud hang his head in shame. he is doing fine. ppl doing false/wrong calculations shud hang their head in shame.

  4. danish

    and the fact that bodyguard made this revenue at mostly single screens while PST at high end multiplexes means the occupancies for bodyguard wud be much higher.

  5. danish

    @wall-d – its good to write radical pieces promoting small films (including himesh reshamiya’s) but the discrepencies in dat/calculations shud be avoided or corrected (if happend by mistake)


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