Dabbang 2 First Look – Praise or PukeWorthy?
wall-D | March 10, 2012, 1:07 PM | 22 comments | 0 views


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  1. wall-D

    Shailesh Dear, This pic was posted on sb and response was mixed, some calling it so. But not everyone has disliked the look. Though, it doesnt has any novelty and salman’s aged looks are visible, i liked this look.

  2. Fearlesssoul

    Just Awesome, Look at that swollen nose reflecting the bruises on Assualtors of UP, mounted just above the mustache (the LOC), linked to the suez canal making its way to the shades for the eyes that witnessed the brutal and vicious acts of barbarians and savages.

  3. Aayush

    Why is he looking so much OLD? Now he will beat SRK in OLDER looking race. He should recover first whatever chronic disease he has or this movie be renamed as Budha Hoga Tera Baap2.

  4. Rowdy haque


  5. deadmanwalking

    his look is the same as dabangg 1 so what the hell is the mixed reaction its just the situation of the picture but the look is the same and trust me even i didnt like dabangg at all but this film is BB without any doubt dont tell me people will care about the look or the script just let salman dance and said entertainment words and the will deal with the film like an epic one .

  6. Tashan

    Lol arbaaz is the director just imagine the film:D

  7. Rosh

    LOL, pathetic and desperate Akshay fans trying to pull down the movie based on one random still that doesnt even show much.

    The “look” is the same as Dabangg, so what is the talk about. And this is not even a “first look”.

    Oh, dont bring in the London Ishq stuff here, that was a scene from the movie. This is just a close up that could be before/after the shoot or even from the first Dabangg movie

  8. Rowdy haque

    ya ofcoz , if arbaaz is the director thenmovir is lol

  9. RJ

    Haha Pukeworthy Akki fans trying hard. LOL. Try harder! ;)

  10. Fearlesssoul

    @RJ – Atleast they are trying to try n use their brains unlike their Favorite

  11. Harsha

    Are people that desperate to run down Dabangg -2 ? Lol
    Its just the same look as in Dabangg.

  12. Tashan

    bakwaas hahaha damn what did akki fans said? wall D isnt akki fans anyways lage raho fanboyz aur bhai ki mooch ki puja karo nareal tod kar:D

  13. Phantom

    akki fans started vomiting.. expecting some gud news soon.

  14. RJ

    Toh tu kya Rowdy rathore ke time mein yahi karne wala hai? Akki bhai ki baal ki pooch ki pooja karega tere nariyal tod kar? :D

  15. akash

    after this look & 140cr budget it seems like another TMK or RA 1 is comming . the situation wud be more worse if ETT underperform.

  16. samykhan

    @phantom: “akki fans started vomiting.. expecting some gud news soon.”
    kya bhaari insult ki hai tumne dude :P

    n haan dabangg ko release hone me perfect 9 mont hi baaki hai …
    then akki fans delivery k liye bhi ready ho jayge :P

  17. Naveed_EkThaTiger

    LOL at people hating this haha

    abhi wait karo I will post the second pic of Dabangg 2

    and haters better hide when Dabangg 2 comes….

  18. danish

    @phantom – lololololololololololololol.

    @others – but its the same look that worked in dabangg. so where is the puke factor??/

  19. Dogafull-2

    Dabangg 2 will do 160 cr or so but Akshay and Salmans have nothing better to do?


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