Differentiate between Sunny Deol and SRK – Hilarious
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This one I found on Facebook. It was posted by a fan of sunny deol I guess..  Thought NG members here may enjoy it more… :D

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  1. aman

    BTW gender ka field blank kyun rakha…especially in srk’s case :D

  2. alizain2844

    Guys if i am nt wrong i have heard none of khan got national award.. ridiculous..

    By the way it was fuuny bt nt good at all if we see realistically..

  3. aman


    Aamir Khan won 3 National Awards for Raakh, Lagaan and TZP respectively.


    @aman @alizzain2864 – he received National Film Special Jury Award for raakh (best actor) other two national awards are for the best films (Lagaan and TZP)

  5. Rahul

    hilarious…and even agree 2 some extent


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