A 4,500 Strong Crowd Dance To Salman’s Dhinka Chika And Break Guinness Record!
Naveed_Dabangg2 | March 4, 2012, 8:17 AM | 9 comments | 0 views

Yes, what you heard is right and it happened here in Mumbai on last Thursday. Terence Lewis, choreographer and the mentor of Dance India Dance reality show on Zee TV, has choreographed this song and organized the event, which went on to break Terence’s own record set with 1136 participants for another song. According to Terence, Salman Khan’s song ‘Dhinka Chika’ was an obvious choice since it was a major HIT with audience from all walks of life. Having said that, it’s a reworked version of a south Indian song.


Now take a look at the video featuring the event!

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  1. Naveed_EkThaTiger

    Absolutely awesome seeing people doing the belt move (Dabangg) and the Dhinka Chika steps :D

    I have done both when out partying and its great fun lol

  2. Naveed_EkThaTiger

    The climax of Ek Tha Tiger will be shot in Hong Kong….. in April

    So that makes it Ireland, Turkey, India, Cuba and China.

    They have shot in two cities in Turkey so that is 5 countries and 6 different cities :):)

    Can’t bloody wait….. for the trailer

  3. rogerfederer

    thnx naveed. Its awsome to see almost 5000 people dance togather. Rocking

  4. danish

    ab srk 5001 gays ki parade karwaayega ye record todne ke liye wheer they all dance to chhammak chhallo.

  5. RJ

    Naveed when do you think the first trailer of ETT will be out?

  6. rockie_c83

    This is Awesome. Loved their dance.
    THnks Nav bro…

    It is evident tht Dhinka Chika is the MOST poular song of 2011 and hence was selected to create this RECORD.

    ETT trailer will be out with Talaash. This is from the rumour mills.
    Eagerly awaiting the trailer.

  7. danish

    @rickie – i doubt ett trailer will be out with talash. both salman and yashraj go easy on publicity and i dont see the trailer coming before june end.

  8. rockie_c83

    Well 18th May is release date of Ishqazade (YRF movie)

    They might bring ETT trailer with tht movie as well.

    Free mei ye movie bhi hit ho jaayegi. Ppl will go n watch it to see ETT trailer .. :D

  9. danish

    @rockie83 – if that happens that wil be a 1st in world history. a film becoming hit becoz a trailer released with it.


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