More on Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif’s London shoot with Yash Chopra!
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Bollywood royalties Yash Chopra, Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif are currently shooting a Yash Raj Film in London.

The film directed by celebrated filmmaker Yash Chopra is yet to be titled and started filming in London last week. The first day of shooting in the city began on Wednesday 22nd February with Khan and Kaif.

The filming in London continued on Thursday and started with an early call time in Shoreditch, which is in the East End of London. The actors shot for some scenes in Quaker Street, just off Brick Lane, famous for Bengali restaurants and shops.

In the meantime, a set was constructed on the Southbank outside the British Film Institute. The area, under Waterloo Bridge was cornered off and extra security was called in as the actors were mobbed by fans the night before.

However, the shoot which was supposed to start at 3 pm was delayed and started approximately two hours late which attracted more crowds.

A source told BollySpice: ”Shah Rukh and Katrina were already on the unit base. They did not delay the shoot. It was due to last-minute changes that were made to the set on request of Aditya and Yash Chopra that the filming was delayed. They also shot some scenes with extras before Katrina and Shah Rukh came on location.”

Additional security guards were hired by the producers to ensure that no pictures from the shoot would leak online. The scene that was filmed will give away some of the story of the film. Besides security guards, production crew members, talent managers, private security guards also stopped fans from taking any pictures.

Our source told us: “The scene would easily give away the story of film. Katrina’s manager, Shah Rukh’s bodyguard as well as crew members were constantly stopping people from taking pictures as one picture from another day has already gone viral on the Internet.”

BollySpice can also reveal that Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina are bonding quite well in between scenes. The actors sit together and talk when they are not shooting. Shah Rukh and Katrina are using their time on set to get to know each other and it looks like that they have become good friends, in just a few days.

In fact, Katrina was seen taking pictures on her mobile phone of Shah Rukh and he happily posed for her while smoking. The 46-year-old actor also borrowed Yash Chopra’s cap and posed for Kaif’s camera on the Soutbank. Katrina who is working with Shah Rukh for the first seemed to enjoy the company of her co-star.

Anupam Kher, who has been part of all films written by Aditya Chopra and Anushka Sharma will join this schedule of the film soon.

We will have more about the shoot of course but I can give you this …Today, Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina filmed scenes in London for which artificial snow was used. Beautiful !!!

More coming up soon so watch this space for all the exclusives!

Another schedule of the film will take place in London later this year in June. The film is slated to release on the Diwali weekend of 2012.

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  1. rajeev singh

    @wall-d bus news se hi teri fatne lagi…..bardaast kar picture abhi baaki hai……

  2. alizain2844

    i expect a lot as quality and nothing at bo..
    Even i am SRK die hard fan but will say tht Movie will hardly reach 90 cr

  3. Fearlesssoul

    Meet the Couples;

    Kat–> <– SRK

    Chak De London!

  4. rajeev singh

    @alizain2844 we can’t discuss BO till a promo or song is out…anyways if RNBDJ can do 86 then 100 is never going to be a problem……and just remember the hype of the movie is and at the time of release will be enormous……..and if the songs will click, then there is no stopping for this movie……

  5. Tippu Sultan

    Wall D is already going mad and envious at a potentialSRK BB.

  6. Jasp the Wasp

    Artificial snow? Whoa whoa whoa is this film gonna be less-budgeted? Coz I’m seriously beginning to doubt it.

    Btw nice news.


    The film should cross 100 cr quite easily. And for those who have been commenting, even Talaash will cross 100 cr flat in spite of genre restrictions.

  7. alizain2844

    Dear dnt forget tht SOS and Khladi 786 will create difficulty for movie this diwali…

  8. rajeev singh

    @alizain2844 yes those movies will surely eat the screen space if released on the same day….but the better movie will win, and i assure you because SOS is solo ajay devgan release that too without rohit shetty it’s not a problem, will hardly sustain, also there are all chances of it being released later….khiladi 786 time will tell…….but movie released on 1500 prints also, crossed 100 cr bfr….and this time it’s all about content, not about weekend……

  9. Harsha

    1oo cr should not be a challenge for this movie even with other movies releasing. If it is a decent family entertainer with good songs (and a couple of chartbusters), SRK will easily take it beyond 100+ cr.

  10. aryan29

    This post’s title verbally sounded like Moron Shahrukh khan and katrina’s kaif london shoot with yash chopra :D


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