Shahid confirms ‘Vettai’ remake
Shalu | February 28, 2012, 1:37 PM | 12 comments | 0 views

By Taran Adarsh

Now it can be told! Like some of his senior colleagues, Shahid Kapoor has consented to do a remake of a South Indian film. UTV’s Tamil film VETTAI, starring Arya and R. Madhavan, will now be remade in Hindi, with Shahid essaying Arya’s part in the remake. N. Linguswamy, the director of VETTAI, will direct the Hindi version as well.

Reportedly, a screening of the film was held for Shahid a few days ago and the actor agreed to be a part of the remake instantly. So much so that he has even allotted dates to the producers of the film [filming begins from mid-April onwards]. “In fact, Shahid has decided to push other assignments ahead to accommodate the remake,” a trustworthy source informs me. Meanwhile, UTV is in the process of finalizing the second lead [R. Madhavan's part] of this remake.

Meanwhile, UTV’s project directed by Abhishek Kapoor [not titled yet] will feature popular television actor Sushant Singh Rajput in one of the leads. This will mark Sushant’s big screen debut.

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  1. Shalu

    Seems like a much better bet than Knight & Day’s remake. I have read a couple of reviews of Vettai and seems like it is a full on entertainer with a good mix of comedy and action.

    Kaminey proved that Shahid has all the makings of a good action hero. This role seems just right for him :)

  2. Shalu

    genuine_analyzer, this is confirmed news. Shooting starts mid-April.

  3. amin786

    hmm good decision i saw the trailer of this movie vettai looks like out and out action masala entertainer and i hear its an two hero project so another actor will be signed very soon.

    btw shahid might also sign a film opposite amrita rao produced by kumar taurani.

  4. Shalu

    Adnan, I read a few reviews and they were all very positive. The movie itself is a blockbuster down South, which means that it had critical as well as commercial acclaim :) The same director is going to direct the Hindi version too.

    It is a two-hero project but Shahid’s role is the more important one. The story is about two brothers – one rowdy (Shahid’s role) and other a coward. Supposed to be a mix of comedy and action. I’m really happy that Shahid is doing a macho action role. This is a chance for him to prove his versatility.

    PS. I don’t think the Kumar Taurani film will work out :(

  5. Yakuza

    Shalu .. Ye kya ? you still love Shahid ? heyy .. such a long affair don’t suit girls .. ;)

    1. Shalu

      Shahid ke liye mera amar prem hai (till I develop a crush on someone else that is) ;)

      1. Yakuza

        Now that’s like a girl .. Shahid ke sath Amar aur prem se bhi pyaar hai .. and chauthe ka intezaar hai .. great .. ;)

  6. Dogafull-2

    Movie is Good and Sureshot, but who will play big brother of Shahid?

    The movie has equal weight-age for both leads, but i guess Shahid might be highlighted more here….

    Though Younger Brother Arya has massier role and longer perhaps but the movie was mass comeback for Madhavan who played big brother down south.

    The choice will be interesting here for older brother, but a winner for Shahid for sure.

  7. Sanjeev

    The movie is good, but within the first 15 minutes you can easily guess what will happen through out the movie….
    It’s very tough to pick an actor to play madhavan’s role because he should be senior to shahid but should play a slightly minor role than shahid ….So the big actors like akki, ajay, srk, sallu, aamir, hrithik wont play the role….The role wont be suitable for sanju baba…only actor fitting this dimension is abhisekh bachan..but we all know the fate of the movie if abhisekh is chosen for the role…So I guess madhavan will act in the hindi remake as well..

  8. Shalu

    I think Ritesh Deshmukh can play the elder brother’s role. He has good comic timing and can look massy. He wouldn’t mind Shahid having the stronger role either. His market value is the same as Madhavan.


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