As requested by Danish ,, 57 Successful movies of Amitabh by BOI(He He) till 1988(Age 46) (8 movies not listed/Absent in BOI)
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1. anand

2. bombay to goa
3. zanjeer
4. namak haram
5. abhimaan
6. roti kapda aur makaan
7. kasauti
8. majboor
9. benaam
10. sholay
11. deewar
12. chupk chupke
13. hera pheri
14. do anjaane
15. amar akbar anthony
16. parvarish
17. khoon pasina
18. muqaddar ka siknadar
19 trishul
20 don
21 kasme vaade
22 besharam
23. suhaag
24. mr natwarlal
25. kala patthar
26. ram balram
27 dostana
28. shaan
29. naseeb
30 laawaris
31 kaaliya
32. yaaran
33. namak hallal
34 khuddar
35 satte pe satta
36 shakti
37 deshpremi
38 coolie
39 andha kaanoon
40 nastik
41. sharaabi
42. mard
43 giraftaar
44 aakhri raats

45 Adaalat

46. Ganga Ki Saugandh
47. Shahenshah
48 Barsaat Ki Ek Raat

49. Kabhi Kabhi

And movies which are not listed(Absent) at bogus site BOI but are given success by Trade guide :

50. Pukaar

51. Inqulaab
52. Mili
53. Bemisaal
54. Silsila
55. Manzil
56. Jurmaana

57. Mahaan

(not last 9 movies which are absent in BOI are given success by trade guide .. )


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  1. prg

    yakuza bhai…. Ganga ki saugandh has been repeated
    (46 and 56)

  2. prg

    i dont know it was hit or flop but did u mean Ganga jamuna Saraswati?

  3. Yakuza

    @prg .. yeah, that was repeated .. i corrected. Thanks.

    Ganga Jamuna Saraswati recovered its cost .. but i don’t want to include that and neither go into that .. lets put upto Shahenshah only ..

  4. danish

    the list was about boi data. if u insist even inquilaab, manzil, jurmana were hits, i wud say so was love, jaagruti and nishchay.

    so basically number sands at 49 till 1988. till 1992 it will come to 52 (aaj ka arjun, khuda gawaah and hum)

    looking at salman’s form, its very easy to beat. the only reason he wont be able to beat it is becoz he is going to be selective now and may not do that many films per year.

    also isnt it such a tashan/akshay kumar thing to do. the so called big b trying to move ahead on the strenght of below averages etc. actually that happens wen u have a lorous career of 10 years (1973-1983) and then bask in the reflected glory of the past for the next 30 years. obviously ur movie will recover money but u wnt give atbbs, bbs, biggest hits of the year etc.

  5. Yakuza

    @Danish … You requested me to give full list of 57 movies .. i gave … I am repeating my comment here :

    @Danish .. tu aadami hai ya ghanchakkar ?? You mean if BOI not listed 9 movies .. this means they were never released ??

    1. Mahaan
    2. Pukaar
    3. Inqulaab
    4. Mili
    5. Bemisaal
    6. Silsila
    7. Manzil
    8. Jurmaana
    9. Gireftaar

    And if you believe these movies were never released then why you taken Gireftaar in your first list ?????

    Kuch bhi ???

    And above all .. Whats point taken Data from BOI if they don’t have complete list ????

  6. Yakuza

    @Danish .. “if u insist even inquilaab, manzil, jurmana were hits, i wud say so was love, jaagruti and nishchay.”

    I am not insisting you .. I have given you trade guide verdicts . . and they are saying so. If you have any credible link from Trade who says that Love, Jagruti etc are Hits .. i will accept.


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