1. aman said:

    Seems like a father is tying up the shoelaces of his teenage daughter :D
    Aajkal ke bachche bahut bigad gaye hai….parents ka zaraa bhi lihaaj nahi hai :P

  2. Alfa.one said:

    “father is tying up the shoelace of daughter” – soon a tillu and cheapo father will be jumping like a monkey around the daughter!

  3. Alfa.one said:

    @JTW – There is no denial about its ATBB status and my comment is nothing to do with the film but this was a response to some useless and nonsense comment from that guy.

  4. Jasp the Wasp said:


    You should begin to ignore such useless crap who are needlessly piling up over here. Better to leave them in their rant-bhari worlds.

  5. NyKavi said:

    Kat on her knees will reach Chotu Khan #1′s nipples, Chotu Khan #2′s pectorals, and Chotu Khan #3′s tummy.
    Uske neeche pahuchney ke liye ek Roshan ya ek Bachchan ki zaroorat hai.

  6. Dj said:

    Tashan this is for you. Same height hone ka fayada hota hai. Kat or Akshay ki stratagic position dekho.
    [img]http://www.naachgaana.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/AKKI 1.jpg[/img]