First still on the set of Shahrukh and katrina film
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  1. aman

    Seems like a father is tying up the shoelaces of his teenage daughter :D
    Aajkal ke bachche bahut bigad gaye hai….parents ka zaraa bhi lihaaj nahi hai :P

  2. Jasp the Wasp

    Just one still? :(

    Iss still se to kuch bhi pata nahin chalta hai.


    “father is tying up the shoelace of daughter” – soon a tillu and cheapo father will be jumping like a monkey around the daughter!

  4. Jasp the Wasp

    Alfa, who are you talking about?


    @JTW – Just see the first comment from some aman guy.

  6. Jasp the Wasp

    That I saw; I was asking, who are you referring to as a “father jumping around like a monkey”? Salman?


    He is trying to make fun by establish father & daughter relation ship between hero and heroine (from the still)


    @JTW- and he is hardcore fan of A Khan (tillu khan)


    This tillu khan will be jumping with her in Dhoom 3

  10. Jasp the Wasp


    LOL. Dhoom 3 will be ATBB


    @JTW – There is no denial about its ATBB status and my comment is nothing to do with the film but this was a response to some useless and nonsense comment from that guy.

  12. Jasp the Wasp


    You should begin to ignore such useless crap who are needlessly piling up over here. Better to leave them in their rant-bhari worlds.

  13. Prashant

    @Aman: Kareena is playing daughter of Aamir khan n Rani in Talash…

  14. RJ

    Coming to think of it, Kat would ve go down on her knees if she has to kiss aamir khan in D3!!

  15. NyKavi

    Kat on her knees will reach Chotu Khan #1’s nipples, Chotu Khan #2’s pectorals, and Chotu Khan #3’s tummy.
    Uske neeche pahuchney ke liye ek Roshan ya ek Bachchan ki zaroorat hai.

  16. Dj

    Tashan this is for you. Same height hone ka fayada hota hai. Kat or Akshay ki stratagic position dekho.
    [img] 1.jpg[/img]

  17. suprabh


    hahahahahhahaa …LOL :D :D


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