Salman VS SRK – Will 2012 Be Final Or Semi Final
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to begin with i must narrow down the debate. there are no more than 2 contenders for the position of  the biggest star of bollywood in the last 25 years. there is no aamir or akshay or even hrithik in the race, the competition is only between salman khan and sharukh khan.

2ndly perception and awards be damned, the real king will be decided on the basis  NUMBERS.

in 2012 if both salman films are big hits and srk’s yrf film is a flop or average, the final will be over

if one salman film is a big hit and one srk and one salman film flop or average, still the final will be over.

however if all three of these films flop, it will be status quo and the finals will be in 2013.

if both salman films are flop and srk film is a hit, this becomes the semi final year (as opposed to status quo) and again the finals will happen in 2013.


and if both slman films are like dabangg, hahk, maine pyaar kiya or bodyguard even amitabh fans will have to admit he is much ahead of big b. in a way it will be the finals for not the last two decades but the 100 years history of bollywood.

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  1. javeed

    The post is about Salman and Srk and anything regarding both can be posted here.Now lets come to the topic,first tell me why do you count hits only,you should take into the consideration flops of both actors also and you will come to know that Salman will lead all there.My dear,just get your facts right from an authentic source and then compare Srk with salman.


    Suprabh have just posted 2 review clips of BG under the thread REAL SALMAN FANS. Have a look this guy tanveer afreedi must be one among them (sallu fans coming out of theater after watching the movie).

  3. rockie_c83

    @JTW: “This afridi is another addition to the pile of street shit accumulating in NG nowadays.”

    Who are you to call other’s as “Pile of Street Shit”?
    Cmon man have some respect for others.

    This tells a lot about your background and upbringing, the way you RESPECT other human’s.

  4. danish

    @prashant – srgay has just been awarded four times (ddlj, kkhh, veer z, oso) and salman 8 times (8 biggest hits of the year) by the real jury, the paying public.

    @yakuza – ya i count boi data till age 46 for amitabh.

    @rafee – thanx dude.

    @javeed – if sharukh is the most popular star how come he sells less tickets than salman khan? ye paid news chhapwaane ke din gaye.

    @jaspthewasp – ye saara data boi par hai aur saare records salman ke naam hain.

    the biggest hits between the 3 – salman – hahk
    the maximum biggest hits of teh year – salman 8 (including a special appearnece in kkhh)

    maximu biggest hits of the decade – salman = 2 (mpk, hahk) srk 0, amir – o

    maximum hits on top 5 page – salman 22, srk 19, aamir 11

  5. Jasp the Wasp


    The way you foul-mouth particular stars certainly exposes your sort of upbringing as well, so don’t use the angelic innocence card please.


    Yes yes whatever you said is true, Salman is great, Salman is all-powerful, salman is so great that the heavenly Gods are tripping over each other to touch Salman’s feet. Yes yes, everybody agrees.

  6. Prashant

    @Danish: Audience award ki baat na he karo woh IMPOTENT KHAN ko bahut mile hai jaise J-e-m,LD,VEER,GTGH,YHJ,SKPY etc etc.. Samjh gaye

  7. Yakuza

    @Danish .. Chal ek kaam kar .. tu 46 Age tak hi le (i.e. upto 1988) .. and give me anything less than 48-50 counts .. and that too from BOI(world famous anti-bachhcans)

    And if you are taking Age in to factor .. how come you saying this statement again and again that Record of maximum hits will also be broken soon ?? You mean you are going to include all upcoming movies of Salman and against only 40 movies of Amitabh .. :)

  8. Phantom

    why is #BollywoodKaBaapAmitabh trending?? has Aish’s baby been named Bollywood?

  9. Yakuza

    @Danish .. and if you go by actual verdicts of existing source then .. i.e. Trade Guide .. Upto Age 42 .. i.e. 1984 He had 52 Successfull movies (with 30 Clean Hits) …. full brakup is ..

    8 Exceptional Hits(Crossed 1 Crore per territory), 10 Superhits, 12 Hits, 22 Average, 18 Flops (Total 70 movies)

    Let Salman break his records which he achieved @Age 42 .. then talk about 46 and later.

  10. rockie_c83

    Bakri Khan .. ye naam bohot pasand aaya … :D

    background mei Bakri mi awaz bhi chahiye …

  11. rockie_c83

    Are kitne din Big B ki pooorani filmei lekar baithe rahoge??
    Jitna Big B ne kamaya usse kahi jyada uske Nikamme bete ne gawaya hai.

    Pataa nahi kya paap kiya tha Big B ne jo aisi Nikammi aulad paida ho gayi ghar pe?

  12. Yakuza

    @rockie_c83 .. kab tak Amitabh se muh modne ke liye topic ke beech mein Abhishek ko laate rahoge ?

    Vaise to logo ne Danish ke faltu ke bogus bakchodi wale threads pe comments karna band kar diya hai .. muzhe bhi koi interest nahi hai bhains ke aage been bajane mein .. lekin jab koi apni aukaat se aage badta ja raha ho .. usko kabhi kabhi aaina dikhana bhi zaroori hai ..

    The most ridiculous thing while showing the mirror to any Salman fan(i guess only Danish, rest are not bad) is that putting yourself in a situation where argument are against two of your favorite stars. There is some fondness and affection to Salman within me .. and fans like Danish are doing great job stobage his fan base.

  13. danish

    @jaspthewasp – that is not an argument, its irritation reflecting.

    @prashant – flops srgay ki bhi kam nahin hain mere dost.


    1. anand –
    2. bombay to goa t
    3. zanjeer
    4. namak haram
    5. abhimaan
    6. roti kapda aur makaan
    7. kasauti
    8. majboor
    9. beimaan
    10. sholay
    11. deewar
    12. chupk chupke
    13. hera pheri
    14. do anjaane
    15. amar akbar anthony
    16. parvarish
    17. khoon pasina
    18. muqaddar ka siknadar
    19 trishul
    20 don
    21 kasme vaade
    22 besharam
    23. suhaag
    24. mr natwarlal
    25. kala patthar
    26. ram balram
    27 dostana
    28. shaan
    29. naseeb
    30 laawaris
    31 kaaliya
    32. yaaran
    33. namak hallal
    34 khuddar
    35 satte pe satta
    36 shakti
    37 deshpremi
    38 coolie
    39 andha kaanoon
    40 nastik
    41. sharaabi
    42. mard
    43 giraftaar
    44 aakhri raats

    (note i have taken care to include films that boxofficeindia did not mention like geraftar. now unless u insist even do aur d paanch was a profit making sucess i dont se ethe count going above this. and boi has adjusted its methodolgy to changing market dynamics, that doesnt make it anti bachchan. almost all the ‘percieved’ flops of bachchan are there in this list as successes ( kala paththar, besharam, do anjaane, kasauti, benaam etc) it was very easy for them to label these as flops if the wanted but they didnt. so the charge of being anti bachchan doesnt work.
    the only anti bachchan act of theirs is not calling amarakabar and muqaddarara ka… as atbb while the are calling ddlj, raja h and kkhh and ghajini, dabangg atbbs. and wenever i mention atbbs i make sure to include aaa and mks as atbbs.

    as for me saying bachchans record may be broken i mean to say after age 46 he hasnt given many hits but salma continues. however its not a sure thing

  14. Jasp the Wasp


    Whose irritation, yours? I can understand that. I back up Yakuza’s statement:- nobody is really bothered about your bogus figures and analysis. Amitabh>>Salman any day.

  15. danish

    @yakuza – aajkal jab naachgaana down hai tab bhi mere is blog pe 65 comments hain, more than the bachchan hits u counted. the highest have been in hundreds. so mujhe chhoto, lets discuss stars. ng is not abt u and me.

    now if apart from these 44 films i mentioned if komal or taran are giving any more hits of amitabh they are obviously including saat hindustani and great gambler. by the way here is the list of all bachchan rekleases till 82. can u please point out 52 hits from them?

    desh Premee
    Master Dinanath/Raju

    1982 Bemisal
    Dr. Sudhir Roy/Adhir Roy

    1982 Satte Pe Satta
    Ravi Anand / Babu

    1982 Khud-Daar
    Govind Srivastav (‘Chhotu Ustad’)

    1982 Namak Halaal
    Arjun Singh

    1981 Kaalia

    1981 Silsila
    Amit Malhotra

    1981 Laawaris

    1981 Naseeb
    John Jaani Janardhan

    1981 Barsaat Ki Ek Raat
    Inspector Abhijeet Rai

    1981 Yaarana
    Kishan Kumar

    1980 Shaan
    Vijay Kumar

    1980 Dostana
    Vijay Varma

    1980 Do Aur Do Paanch

    1980/I Ram Balram
    Police Inspector Balram Singh

    1979 Suhaag
    Amit Kapoor

    1979 Kaala Patthar
    Vijay Pal Singh

    1979 Manzil
    Ajay Chandra

    1979 Jurmana
    Inder Saxena

    1979 The Great Gambler
    Dual Role (Jay & Insp. Vijay)

    1979 Amar Akbar Anthony
    Anthony Gonzalves

    1979 Mr. Natwarlal

    1978 Muqaddar Ka Sikandar

    1978 Trishul
    Vijay Kumar

    1978 Don
    Don / Vijay

    1978 Kasme Vaade
    Dual Role (Amit & Shankar)

    1978 Ganga Ki Saugand

    1978 Besharam
    Ram Kumar Chandra/Prince Chandrashekar

    1977 Parvarish

    1977 Khoon Pasina

    1977 Immaan Dharam
    Ahmed Reza

    1977 Alaap
    Alok Prasad

    1976 Hera Pheri

    1976 Kabhi Kabhie – Love Is Life
    Amitabh Malhotra

    1976 Aadalat
    Thakur Dharam Chand ‘Dharma’/Raju

    1976 Do Anjaane
    Amit Roy/Naresh Dutt

    1975 Faraar
    Rajesh (Raj)

    1975 Sholay
    Jai (Jaidev)

    1975 Zameer

    1975 Chupke Chupke
    Professor Sukumar Sinha

    1975 Deewaar
    Vijay Verma

    1975 Mili
    Shekhar Dayal

    1974 Majboor
    Ravi Khanna

    1974 Benaam
    Amit Srivastav

    1974 Kasauti
    Amitabh Sharma (Amit)

    1974 Roti Kapada Aur Makaan

    1973 Namak Haraam
    Vikram (Vicky) Maharaj

    1973 Abhimaan
    Subir Kumar (Beeru)

    1973 Gehri Chaal

    1973 Zanjeer
    Insp. Vijay Khanna

    1973 Bandhe Haath
    Dual Role (Shyamu & Deepak)

    1973 Saudagar

    1972 Reshma and Shera

    1972 Bombay to Goa
    Ravi Kumar

    1972 Bansi Birju

    1972 Ek Nazar
    Manmohan Akash Tyagi

    1972 Raaste Kaa Patthar
    Jai Shankar Rai

    1971 Pyar Ki Kahani
    Ram G. Chand

    1971 Anand
    Dr. Bhaskar K. Bannerjee/Babu Moshai

    1971 Parwana
    Kumar Sen

    1971 Sanjog

    1969 Saat Hindustani
    Anwar Ali Anwar

  16. danish

    @yakuza – also wen i am arguing salman’s case i am arguing against one of my 3 favourite actors (dilip kumar amitabh bachchan and salman khan) however unlike me it doesnt make me anti bachcha or anything. i just quote facts, much as i love bachchan the actor. (bachchan the person is a slimeball but thats a different matter altogether)

  17. danish

    @yakuza – till 82 amitabh has 37 successes till 88 (age 46 he has 45 ( i forgot shahenshah) salman has 35 and the gap can be easily covered in next 5 years.

  18. danish

    @jaspthewasp – u seem to be quite bothered about my ‘bogus figures’ as u have made many comments on this thread.

  19. Jasp the Wasp


    If I comment on your thread it doesn’t mean I’m bothered with your figures; I came here to talk about something entirely different. Obviously you won’t understand that and are too lazy to browse through the comments, but jumping and shouting without thinking will ultimately put you as the idiot, not me.

  20. danish

    @jaspthewasp – itna gussa achchha nahin. shirish kunder se jhagda ho sakta hai tumhaara. waise 48 hours mein patch up bhi ho sakta hai.

  21. Jasp the Wasp

    A big problem is that I can’t find the proper smiley site when I want to use it. Damn, I must favourite it :(

    I really want to use 10 laugh-roll smileys for this crap comment and excuse danish is giving to cover up his embarrassed a**; unfortunate I can’t find the site now.

  22. danish

    @jaspthewasp – no need to commnet on me. if u notice even in my last sarcastic comment i have made fun of srk, not u.

  23. Yakuza

    @Danish … so your count now comes to 44 .. Ha Ha .. Yaar counting to theek se kar le ..

    Chal Main tuzhe batata hun count kaise karte hain ..

    The movies which are listed in bogus site BOI but you skip counting :

    1. Kabhi Kabhi
    2. Adaalat
    3. Ganga Ki Saugandh
    4. Shahenshah
    5, Barsaat Ki Ek Raat

    And movies which are not listed in BOI, but are success as per Trade Guide :

    6. Mahaan
    7. Pukaar
    8. Inqulaab
    9. Mili
    10. Bemisaal
    11. Silsila
    12. Manzil
    13. Ganga Ki Saugandh
    14. Jurmaana

    So now adding these 14 movies to your list of 44 … will give you total 58 ….. and that too till age of 46 as desired by you .. :)

    (Kya yaar .. Gireftaar likh ke ehsaan jata raha hai .. aur jo 14 movies skip kar di uska kya ??? Kam se kam research and counting to sahi rakh).

  24. Yakuza

    And no .. With these 57 movies, nothing like Saat hindustaani or Do aur do paanch are included. All data is from BOI(ur fav site) and only movies(8 films) which are absent in BOI are taken from Trade Guide.

    Diff between BOI and Trade Guide is that BOI scaled down the verdicts of Many Amitabh movies (Instead they should have elevated the verdicts given their theatrical collection only system ..)

  25. danish

    @yakuza – as i said it was about single source boi data. and there were only 4-5 missing. not 14.

    now also count how many does he have on the biggest hits of the year list, on the top 5 page of boi etc.

  26. danish

    @yakuza – and this post is about how if next two salman films are at the same scale as dabangg then he will be the biggest star of bollywood history. do u remember at 47 wat was bachchan delivering? toofaan, jaadugar, inquilaab, he had not had a single biggest hit of the year since 1983 (coolie) thats wat scale is all about.

  27. danish

    so 49 hits till 1988 and 52 hits till 1982. counting mein gadbad isse kehte hain.

  28. Yakuza

    @Danish .. tu aadami hai ya ghanchakkar ?? You mean if BOI not listed 9 movies .. this means they were never released ??

    1. Mahaan
    2. Pukaar
    3. Inqulaab
    4. Mili
    5. Bemisaal
    6. Silsila
    7. Manzil
    8. Jurmaana
    9. Gireftaar

    And if you believe these movies were never released then why you taken Gireftaar in your first list ?????

    Kuch bhi ???

    And above all .. Whats point taken Data from BOI if they don’t have complete list ????

  29. danish

    yakuza – main to aadmi hi hoon aur iska proof ye hai ki debate mein kisi ko ghanchakkar nahin kehta.

    and no, these film not being there on boi doesnt mean they never released, it means we cant, as yet take them as succes’ or ‘recovery’ films as were depending on boi data.

    i have no problems taking taran/komal data pre 1980 if they upgrade their methodolgy post 81, factoring in 80s video invasion, 90s satellite invasion and last decades multi-media onslaught of legitimate (tv, dvd) and otherwise (piracy) factors on revenues and recoveries.

    1. Yakuza

      If something is missing from one source, how conveniently you want to skip that ?? Why ?? Because this suits you ??

      There are much valid sources from where you can take verdicts of old movies .. you have your concern(or biased) of taking Salman movies from filminformation/trade guide .. But there should be no issues taking verdicts of Amitabh movies from Trade guide .. as they were only source existing then and nothing can be more valid for old movies than filminformaiton/Trade guide.

    2. Yakuza

      And one more thing, Salman and SRK were neck to neck in 90’s .. Then Salman was almost lost between 2000-2008 (to be precise Sept, 2009) … He just make his big comeback after Dabangg … and every one agree that this is miracle. He was never considered in top 3 through out 2000 decade .. He is big star now, and i am proud being his fan .. but to say that he is biggest ever, is simply laughable. He don’t have enough clean hits and volume for such claim. In overall scenario and longevity .. SRK is still ahead.

  30. Ank

    ya srk is still ahead due to boi is fake verdicts.

    1. Yakuza

      Yeah, but Danish accepts only BOI for Salman .. otherwise i happy to take filminformation numbers and verdicts .. ;)

  31. Jasp the Wasp


    Bolti band ho gayi? Your deperate attempts to convince that salman was “biggest superstar of bollywood for 23 years” has fallen through the floor and landed with a resounding thud. Face it, SRK and Aamir are LEAGUES ahead.


    Proof hai tumhare paas? No. You just want to blabber day-in-day-out that BOI is fake. Now I declare that Dabangg’s BB status by BOI is also a big fake and a piece of paid news; like this, I can call EVERY Salman film’s BB status as fake and paid for to BOI, but I don’t. I’m not as stupid as you.

  32. Ank

    In anil kapoor words ” are purani baaton par mitti dalo, abhi toh salman top pe hai na with three consecutive blockbusters,”
    @ danish
    bhai aap kyun gade murde ukhadkar inn haters ko bolne ka mauka dete hai just enjoy the success of salman khan and please only post about ett and dabangg2…aur srk ki halat iss samay kya hai woh hum sab jaante hi hai….aur rahi baat amitabh ki toh ng per sirf aap hi hai jo salman ko amitabh se compare karte hai…salman ke fan hai aap sunkar accha lagta hai lekin doosre actors se itni nafrat kyun karte hain aap.

  33. rockie_c83

    @Yakuza: “Yeah, but Danish accepts only BOI for Salman .. otherwise i happy to take filminformation numbers and verdicts ”

    What are the filminformation verdicts for Players, KHJJS, Raavan, Drona, Budda, Teen Patti??

    All time disaster .. :D

    njoi ..

  34. rockie_c83

    @Jtw: “Face it, SRK and Aamir are LEAGUES ahead.”

    Poor Srk fans have to take help of Aamir’s name, kya kare a Srk ke naam pe to kuch chalta hi nahi. :P

  35. danish

    @yakuza – i have no problems taking verdicts from trade guide and filminformation pre 1981 but then on second thoughts if they are calling anand and bombay to goa clean hits then i wud rather go to a website launched by tashan (our resident akshay kumar)

    filinformation and trade guide became obscure becoz they refused to upgrade methods. and if like onn ur other threads films like majboor are clean hits then they can also be called manipulative (after all bachchan was like srk in the 70s, coming from elite class, with political instincts of delhi guys, nehru gandhi family friend, frendly with toi and other publishing house etc so like srk manipulated boi, bachchan cud have manipulated komal/taran’s fathers.

    1. Yakuza

      “So Bodyguard which is a theatrical “super-hit”, converts into “blockbuster” when ROI by overall business is calculated and a theatrical “average” Ra. One gets the “hit” tag when ROI by overall business is calculated.”

      And in my analysis i am taking these two movies verdicts as printed on BOI .. not by my own logic. Trade guide has Bombay to Goa and Anand as Hits and they have their reason explained. Bit BOI not explaining any thing for giving inflated verdicts for these movies, still i take their verdicts for my analysis.

  36. danish

    @yakuza – srk ko chhodo, bachchan ki baat karo. since u bellive bachchan > srk so if i prove salman > bachcahn then automatically salman > srk. isnt it simple mathematics of the middle level???

    @jaspthewasp – bolti nahin time ki problem hai. see my comments and tell me bolti kiski band hui hai.

    @ank- but the truth need to be established. why is bachchans reign of 10 years (1973-1983) however whirlwind it was, refrrred to as bigger achievment than bachchan fans???/ buddhon ki dada giri hai kya ki hamaare zamaane mein sab achchha tha, tumhaare zamaane mein sab kharaab. i hate this nostalgia driven agenda as much as manipulations driven ones.

    1. Yakuza

      Salman is way behind SRK … not only in terms of Hits, but also in terms of openings, gross and big hits.

      “SRK Broke 7 times opening record, Salman only 3 times, even less than Hritik”

      Salman Khan 19 clean Hits by BOI, SRK 22 Clean Hits by BOI ..

      Amitabh ki to baat ho chod do .. Delhi abhi croro miles door hai.

    2. Yakuza

      @Danish, Data le kar aayo .. numbers layo .. verdicts layo .. phir baat karo. Khaali baato se kaam nahi chalega … ;)

  37. danish

    @yakuza – wat data? its all there on for all to see.

    salman 5 atbb (one special apprnce) bacghchan 1

    salman 8 biggest hits of the year bachchan 5 (both including 1 special appearence)

    salman 2 biggest hits of the decade abachchan 1

    salman 5 SOLO HERO atbbs bachchan 1

    wat else data u need

    1. Yakuza

      1. Amitabh 14 Record openers .. Salman only 3 (And this is only parameter which shows how big a star is and how much he dominated the industry).

      2. Amitabh 36 Clean Hits(upto 1992) and Salman 19 Clean Hits (Another criteria which shows how many movies of Any star accepted by Audience).

      3. Amitabh 11 Super Hits, Salman only 5 Superhits (Another big parameter to show the scale of big superstar).

      4. Amitabh 9 Super duper hits, Salman 7 Super duper hits(Including guest appearance). An absolute parameter for Star dominance.

      5. Amitabh 16 Hits and Salman 7 Hits. Another parameter which shows the wide acceptance of Star.

      6. Amitabh 28 Average success and Salman (Not counted yet, but can bet even here Amitabh is much ahead). Another parameter which shows even his Average movies are well accepted by fans.

      7. Amitabh flops 22 and for Salman (again not counted yet, but can you bet me Salman is miles ahead only in this department ??? ) and this parameter shows how consistent he was through out his career.

  38. Jasp the Wasp


    Comments dekh ke toh yehi dekh sakta hoon ki tu faltu mein bahut desperate ho raha hai. Its great that you have such fanatic love for Sallu, but at the cost of logic this love can be dangerous. I know you will try to give some sort of answer to this, like “yeah yeah tera SRK ka kya hua?” etc. You can never defend Sallu without bringing SRK (who is way way ahead of Sallu) and you just end up making a fool of yourself. The bigger problem? That there are other fools like rockie who are supporting you in this Sallu-God-like chanting and shouting and ranting.

  39. Dino

    Yakuza numbers mein to Salman is miles and miles behind Amitabh infact he is even behind SRK and there is no doubt in that. Anyways you forgot a very important indicator of Super Stardom which is classics and great performances. Can you imagine the difference in that indicator. I don’t even want to take the pain of listing Bachchan classics as they are aplenty. For Salman, barring Madhuri dominated HAHK its a pain to even try and find a classic movie.

    1. Yakuza

      @Dino .. Quality can be discussed only with quality conscious people, Danish is poor even in analyzing numbers, leave about actual quality of movie.

  40. Jasp the Wasp


    HAHK was classic, MPK also maybe. Nothing else. For Amitabh, strangely one of my fav films of his is The Great Gambler. Yakuza, are you sure that was a flop?

    1. Yakuza

      Yes, it was flop. In early 80’s any movie with little feel of urban setting was failing .. back then Shaan under-performed which was way too technical advance movie for audience too enjoy. Great gambler with foreign locales was going out of head for masses (And masses at that time was lower class). Same was fate of Dharmendra’s big budgeted Shalimaar and Burning Train because of urban settings.

  41. Dino

    JTW agreed MPK could be a classic as well.

    1. Yakuza

      A corrected list after removing some miss and blink appearances which were included before :

  42. rockie_c83

    Yakuza .. why are big B nbrs only till 1994??
    Add them to list as well. Then we will see how much is the success ratio?

  43. danish

    @yakuza – how does opening mater? in the last 5 years everyone, including an akshay kumar has been breaking opening records but superstar to ek hi ho sakta hai na. opening can be due to budge and hype but the real test is do ppl finally like u enuff to take ur film to the top most position in the chart??? this becomes more relevant wen the film that does the rick is not even the biggest budgetted film of the year

    1989 – raam lakhan was the ost hyped, mpk became biggest hit thats why i wud say salman was bigger than anil plus jackie n 1989

    1991 – bachchan’s hum was biggest ut salman’s saajan beat it

    1994 – it was the only year wen a salman film was most awaited but an all india release of 6 prints wont obviously break any opening records.

    1999 – biwi no 1 beame the biggest hit despite releasing in the middle of world cup, the only time in history.

    2005 – the biggest films was mangal pandey but the biggest hit was no entry.

    2010 – the biggest film was mnik, the biggest hit was dabangg

    2011 – ra1 biggest film, bodyguard biggest hit

    this is an indicatio of a atrue stars popularity. now look at bachchan’s record since 1979

    1979 – suhaag was the biggest film so opened biggest but jaani dushman/sargam were bigger hits roi wise.

    1980 – kurbai and asha beat dostana and raam balram, two biggest film, not only in roi but also in overall revenues so obviously opening was ‘wasted’

    1981 – kranti beat naseeb in all aspects

    1982 – wat use was namak halaal’s openiong wen prem rog and even vidhaata (with 60 years old hero dilip kumar) beat it in all aspect.

    1983 – coolie’s business was a relief for bachchan. (i wont go into the subjective area that it was the accident curiosity that made coolie a hit)

    1984 – praksah mehra’s magnum opus sharaabhi’s opening cud not even take it in top 3.

    1985 – ram teri ganga maili may have had rajeev kapoor butit beat stupendous mard opening to become 3rd biggest hit of the 80s. with bachchan’s colie coming fourth without inflation adjusted list ( there was hardly any ticket price increase in the 80s)

    1988 – all the mayhem around shahenshah and the record opening cud not even amke it a clean hit.

    1989 – we all know how salman’s mpk made mincemeat of bachchan’s toofaan and jaadugar

    1991 – hum was beaten by saajan, a small budgeted film

    1992 – khuda gawaah met the same fate at the hands of beta etc and cudnt even make it to top 5.

    to bhaiya aisi opening records ka humein kya achaar daalna hai???? bachchan ko hi mubarak aise opening records. sallu ko nahin chaahiye.

    1. Yakuza

      Opening decide star power .. and Akshay only once broke opening record ..

      Apart from opening ..

      1. Amitabh 14 Record openers .. Salman only 3 (And this is only parameter which shows how big a star is and how much he dominated the industry).

      2. Amitabh 36 Clean Hits(upto 1992) and Salman 19 Clean Hits (Another criteria which shows how many movies of Any star accepted by Audience).

      3. Amitabh 11 Super Hits, Salman only 5 Superhits (Another big parameter to show the scale of big superstar).

      4. Amitabh 9 Super duper hits, Salman 7 Super duper hits(Including guest appearance). An absolute parameter for Star dominance.

      5. Amitabh 16 Hits and Salman 7 Hits. Another parameter which shows the wide acceptance of Star.

      6. Amitabh 28 Average success and Salman (Not counted yet, but can bet even here Amitabh is much ahead). Another parameter which shows even his Average movies are well accepted by fans.

      7. Amitabh flops 22 and for Salman (again not counted yet, but can you bet me Salman is miles ahead only in this department ??? ) and this parameter shows how consistent he was through out his career.

      1. Yakuza

        And i am completing my 5th and 6th point from above here after this counting :

        6. Amitabh 28 Average success and Salman has only 9. Another parameter which shows even his Average movies are well accepted by fans.

        7. Amitabh flops 22 and for Salman has 43and this parameter shows how consistent he was through out his career.

      2. Yakuza

        And would like to add 7th and 8th point :

        7. Success ratio of Amitabh is 74.5% .. Salman .. 38.5% … Any comparison ?

        8. Flop ratio of Amitabh is 25.5% and Salman is 61.5% .. Only parameter where Salman is not comparable.

  44. danish

    @yakuza – amitabh’s 32 clean hits is a clear lie that wud be used to make a star like akshy’s case. the only clean hits of bachchan’s are zanjeer, roti kapda aur makaan, deewar, hera pheri, amar akabr, parvarish, muqaddar ka sikandar, don, trishul, suhaag, dostana, laawaris, naseeb, namak hallal, khuddar, andha kanoon, coolie, sharabi, mard, aakhri raasta, giraftar, shahenshah, aaj ka arjun and hum. thats total 25 including 3 special appeaences. salman has mpk, saajan, sanam bewafa, hum aapke…, karan arjun, jeet, judwa, pyaar kiya to darna kya, kuchh kuchh hota hai, biwi no1, hum saath saath, baaghbaan, mujhse shaadi karogi, no entry, partner, wanted, dabangg, ready, boduguard

    thats total 19 and his age is still 47 so bachchan ka ye record bhi kahaa bach paayega.

    by the way srk has deewaana, baazigar, darr, ddlj, pardes, dil to pagal hai, kkhh, mohabbatein, k3g, devdas, kal ho na ho, veer zaara, main hoon na, om shanti om, don, kank, chak de, rab ne, khan, ra1, don 2 (but many of the verdicts for his film are suspect unlike bachcchan and salman e.g devdas, don, kank, ra1)

  45. Naveed_EkThaTiger

    I don’t wish to indulge in what film broke what or who is the biggest as I have done that for the last 3 years and frankly am now bored of it

    All I know is that how on earth people have the cheek to include many Salman films as flops when he is not even in lead role and then to take the piss even further (hypothetically speaking) when they don’t credit him with the successful films. You can’t have it both ways.

    Now Salman fans – chill and relax Salman is doing extremely well and just wait for the hurricane of Ek Tha Tiger :)

    and then the massive storm of Dabangg 2 few months later……

  46. danish

    @yakuza – yes salman has 19 clean hits and only 16 avreage successes (below average to semi hit) but doesnt that show salman’s clean hits ratio is higher (19: 16) than bachchan (25:28)

    as for the rest of the points either u are lying or hav gone back o komal nahat’s verdicts while the mandate between us was to stick to online published data of boi.


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