1. Rosh said:

    Maybe all the Akshay fans were searching for an alternative trailer because this one was so bad .. hence the high search rates :D

  2. sameer_chan007 said:

    Well it had to be the most searched as people will be obviously curious and interested in a movie which has 4 very attractive guys, 4 attractive gals and 4 attractive oldies. The film promises to be a ball . And a grand one- a real comic-action entertainer. Sajid Khan’s films look good, are entertaining and very funny. People know this especially the younger generation, so the hit on you tube. Papa ne to you tube pe baand bajaa diya. Ab theare me bajaa de…..

  3. come_fall_in_chat said:

    @rosh kuch zyada hi jal rahi he teri bhai kya bat he just wait n watch anarkali bhi disco jane wali hai tab kya hoga tera.