Ayesha Takia to take legal action against airline

By Subhash K. Jha,February 08, 2012 – 00:17 hrs IST


A day after Ayesha Takia tweeted about her sister Natasha being allegedly mistreated by an airline’s personnel, the actress is still fuming and is determined to take legal action against the airline, Kingfisher.

Making it worse was a taunting tweet by the airline owner’s son Sidhartha Mallya which implied he was unaware of who Ayesha Takia and what the hullabaloo she was creating was all about.

Laughing off the jibe, Ayesha scoffs, “We’re getting our lawyers to send a letter to the airline to take action against their staff. The letter will reach the airline authorities shortly. I was tweeting about how the airline staff treated Natasha. I didn’t make any personal comments on anyone. So if someone has a personal grudge against me that’s his problem.”

Recounting the alleged horror that her sister went through, Ayesha says, “A senior staff member of an airline at Delhi airport misbehaved with my sister. He sent her back and forth from counter to counter for four hours even when she said she was unwell. They threatened to throw her out of the airport if she kept questioning and pressurizing them for her ticket. Then they tore her boarding pass and told her to buy a new one if she wanted to fly back to Mumbai on their airline.”

Continuing with the tale of trauma, Ayesha says, “Natasha had to buy a new ticket from Air India. Since she was travelling alone beyond a point, she didn’t want to deal with the rudeness of the allegedly misbehaved airline ground-staff.”



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  1. kriti
    February 9, 2012 at 5:56 PM

    She did make a fuss out of this..but at the same time its natural as Ayesha’s sister wasn’t treated properly at airport..Junior
    Mallya ended the war saying “Love and peace to all”..Hope it ends peacefully

    Read the whole story here :


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