Aami Shotti Bolchi – Kahaani
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  1. Jasp the Wasp

    Nice!! One of my most awaited films of the year.

  2. Prashant

    Jaspu: bhai isme Dirty picture me jo karname kiye Vidya Aunty ne uska fal milega unhe:-P

  3. RJ

    Vidya Balan is turning out to be the female Aamir Khan. What diverse roles!!

  4. suprabh

    Good promo.

    P.S. I find bengali women the most attractive women in the world. (and I know Vidya is not bengali)

  5. RJ

    Vidya, I believe, is not playing a Bengali in this film. Shalu can correct me if im wrong.

  6. Jasp the Wasp


    Very dirty thought ;) . But funny too :D.


    Uh huh? And you also love the old Bengali classics. Hmm. Kya bengali connection hai tumhara?

  7. Bilawal

    Kolkatta Diaries + That Girl in Yellow Boots

  8. Jasp the Wasp

    An irritating problem I’ve noticed,some people can’t spell some words properly. Example:-

    * Biryani – spelt as Briyani
    * Kolkata – spelt as Kolkatta

  9. Rex

    Vidya might not b a bong by gene but she surely looks like one. I feel vidya looks more bongish than the bipashas & sushmitas or even rani mukherjee.

  10. Tashan

    @suprabh i used to think the same until i saw riya sen nude:D

  11. amin786

    looking good indeed should be another success for vidya she is on a roll :)

  12. Dj

    @ Suprabh
    “I find bengali women the most attractive women in the world”

    Agree. esp there eyes. There is a dignified elegance. During my IIMC days i dated a bong (Mukharjee). Bhai Bongs are very much into litreture and for her a also read many bong classics. It is my good fortune that year, 2000, Hrishikesh Mukherjee got Dada saheb phalke award. She was also Mukherjee. Did a long discussion with her on Hrishi da (Discussion kya kiya. Wo film ke scene bata rahi thi main tareef kiye ja raha tha). By the way after Yash chopra, Hrishi da is my second fav director.

    Oh a tips for all the guys who want friendship with bong girl or any bong person. Never criticise these 5 five infront of a bong.
    1- Rabindranath tagore 2- Subhash chandra bose 3- Satyajeet roy 4- Mohan bagan 5- Kolkata.

    1. suprabh


      100% agree with you..and totally agree about the tips too.

  13. Shalu

    RJ, Yes Vidya is not Bengali in this movie. Her missing husband is Bengali.

    Rex, Agree 100% that Vidya looks more bengali than Sushmita, Bipasha etc. even though she is south Indian. She looked her best till date in Parineeta.

    Suprabh, Dj, Not only the eyes, I think Bengali women’s skin is also the most luminous among all. Maybe because of fish being their staple diet.


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