So in Saajan Sallu was playing second fiddle to Sanju?
Sahil | January 16, 2012, 12:00 AM | 10 comments | 0 views

Sanju was the main hero, was nominated for best actor, and was top with this film with his other hit Sadak. How many more films sallu was not the main hero?

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  1. Prateek

    To name a few
    No Entry..
    I ll name others wen I ll remember ;-)

  2. Sahil19

    lol But saajan was dominated by Sanju, his acting was powerful, better than Madhuri and sallu.

  3. rogerfederer

    lol saajan is salman’ s movie or equally dominated. Its not like suhag when its completely dominated by ajay devagan..akshay on sideline.

  4. Shaan

    Both salman and sanjay were superb in sajan but I don’t know why nowadays everyone under rating salman in his hit.

  5. Sahil19

    Sanju was the main hero, everything revolves around him, even nominated for best actor.

  6. Naveed_EkThaTiger

    @ Sahil – could you not have asked this in another thread?? Instead you have made a post about it. Anyway….

    Sajaan is a Salman HIT or was it super hit PERIOD.

    Sanju was fantastic in the film alongwith Mads and Salman good too. Not only the film but the soundtrack is one of the greatest ever. Nadeem-Shravan nailed it with Aashique and Saajan.

  7. aryan29

    Agree with naveed this post truly is wrost than even WTF posts.

    I mean first one question(3-4 lines) that also about saajan film(irrelavent now) and the question salman was second.lead or not :o i mean i am sorry but is all this a joke ?
    because saajan was always a salman-sanju both actor’ no matter what it will always be.

    Dont know for what reason this post is made but this is.truly a baap of all.the wtf posts.

  8. Serenzy

    @ Sahil19

    are u 15 years old or something.?

    Making such stupid posts one after the other based on 2-3 lines…!

    ask such questions in some other post or soemthing instead of creating a bloody moronic post again and again.

    @ Mods

    Please take notice……This is not good in the long run bcz many tmrw can say if this user can than so can I.

  9. fearlesssoul

    Sahil you should hav asked “Does Akshay’s supporting acts out-do his solo acts?” his max no of films are of as supporting actor rather than solo act :P

  10. rogerfederer

    in film shakti dilip kumar won filmfare award. To kya ye movie me amitabh sideline me ho gaya? Such a stupid point u ve.


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