So Much For Don Trending
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the film that had a 27 cr 2nd week after a 70 cr 1st week (65% drop)  is ending up with a 6 cr 3rd week. and ppl said don is being appreciated. ready 3rd week was 18 cr, 3 times of don, without any holiday, with 50 cr budget and in the month of scorching june heat.


obviously the so called ‘trending’ in second week was partially those who were ‘bound to watch’ (fans) who did not watch it within the 1st week as it was notan extended weekend. and partially it was the christmas holiday factor. aided by the fact that it had an open week two.


and imagine who does don in. players, a disaster in itself of gigantic proportions.


yaani abhishek khud to dooba hi, srk ko bhi le dooba.

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  1. aryan29

    @manish but you are already added :D

  2. e-man

    now after Don 2, SRK haters with shit all over their face are saying that DDLJ is over-rated. ROTFL!!!

    ohhh DHKMN, JJWS, HHRPK, Ishq, AHAT, are classics.

  3. e-man

    No commercial cinema is realistic. There is always some element of exaggeration. But they can probably happen. Like heroine’s duppatta getting blown away by the wind and falling right over the hero (may be, even half a kilometer away).

    But there are some scenes that are out-right unbelievable. Like the hero killing 100 people with his bare hands. 1 punch from hero sending the villain 30 feets away, making a dent into the irn wall. Hero jumping from ground floor to 1st floor, that too, without any run-up, etc.

  4. Jasp the Wasp


    I clearly referred to the entire brigade of haters. Just proves that you’re brain isn’t dead, its there but fully fried and melting in your head.


    bechara. Can’t handle the truth eh? Now go around NG attempting to convince the people that Don 2 was all-time disaster, that DDLJ was scene-by-scene copy of HAHK, etc. At least my brain wasn’t completely evaporated, unlike yours after seeing Ready and Bodyguard back-to-back multiple times. It ha sthe same effect on people as Tashan (the film, not the editor) – making your mind go blank and numb.

  5. aryan29

    @jasp the wasp it seems you have totally lost it this time.anyways let me try again for you.

    from your comment

    See the comments section, around 50% of the comments are by danish, manish, alfa and aryan. Which just goes to show how silly this thread actually is

    and my comment

    @jasp the wasp A big LOL on you manish has not even made a SINGLE comment in this post.

    you mentioned the whole gang and manish ‘s name.but the fact was that manish hadnt made even a single comment till then :D

    I seriously hope this time you get it :D

    and my brain maybe melting or not but by all this one can understand the condition of your brain. :D

    P.S Get well soon :D


    @jasp the wasp – “Danish is deperatley firefighting his bullcrap thrad which he knows has badly backfired, as it has basically evoked a positive response only form his chamcha SRK haters who are brain-dead from seeing lallu films. See the comments section, around 50% of the comments are by danish, manish, alfa and aryan. Which just goes to show how silly this thread actually is.”

    — Chalo aapne mujhe Sallu aur Danish ki gang ka member maan to liya !!!!


    @ Danish – “and christmas to new year is major holidays, atleast more holidays than an october eid. new year to 8th jan all schools, atleast in the north were closed, and many school reiamn closed till 15th jan but that hardly matters as players jhas already bashed don 2 in.”

    You will agree one thing. There is difference between Eid (Ramzaan Eid) holidays and other holidays like Diwali or Christmas. For whole month no film get released and hence there is much more crowd once the film is released. Also, since for 30 days people (those who observe roza) do not go for any movie since they strictly follow the prayers and other things. Even the members of the family who do not observe fasts, avoid films because of prayers and other things. Soooo, once the ramazaan month is over, the only entertainment, beside celebrations, is movie. And this is not only for people observing roza but also for other movie goers who did not get any movie released during RAMADAN. Additionally, this year Ganesh Chaturthi also faalen with Ramadan Eid and hence the holidays were more as compared to previous years. Since u have lived for around 5 years in Mumbai, u must be knowing the importance and mood of the people of Maharashtra. And if Bhai gets his movie released at this point of time then it becomes SONE PE SUHAGA” for all.

    @Aryan – “So SRK fan trying hard to be FUNNY by making sarcastic comments on Salman which is not working because.Neither Salman nor his fans had ever claimed to make an so called intelligent or smart CINEMA” –

    Keep singing Dhinka chika, dhinka chika ……… with pocket dance of Bhai…. SALLU IS THE BEST, BHAI IS THE BEST..

  8. samykhan

    @delight US,UK me bhi single screen audience ne reject kiya hoga after week 1.
    best reply :P

  9. harish

    Delight and Danish has forgotten Christmas and New Year were on Sunday, so what Holiday they are talking. They want to tell us Sunday in not Holiday in India or what. Both Aamir and Salman Fans are behaving like kids accept Don 2 is Hit and move on. Kab tak rona dhona continue karo ge even now your jokes of holidays, hig screens, etc has become stale.


    @harish this year Christmas and New year fell on Monday (Christmas on 26th Dec. and New year on 2nd Jan.) every where in the world….!

  11. harish

    Plus as per Delight and Danish if it is holiday movie should do 100 Corers on that day itself. The way they talk about holidays it looks like Indian Government announced 2 Weeks holiday respectively for Ra. One and Don 2 and also urged whole world to announce holidays.


    Plus Deepawali pooja was shifted to new time slot (2 AM – 4 AM on 24th OCT. instead of 7 – 9 PM on 23rd Oct.)

  13. Serenzy


    Tussi to Top Ho,
    India di Last Hope Ho.



    @ jasp & tanqeed

    Cool it down my frnds….dont abuse and stuff or u might get Banned frm NG.
    SRK is going well dont worry….Yes there was a RA.One in place but lets move beyond it and await fr that legendary YRF Movie.


    and lets also hope for the best of other actors….If u get irritated by some one’s views on SRK just let it go by sometimes….not all the time but sometimes.

  14. Jasp the Wasp


    What a liar! So now these people are gonna shift Jesus Christ’s birthday just to prove Don 2 didn’t trend well?

    Now that’s called height of insanity.

  15. Jasp the Wasp

    The truth that danish cannot accepted is that BG had a run at theatres only because of Eid. I repeat, only because of Eid. Now if people think that with a MBKD, which left BG more or less untouched in mass circuits (its main territory) left BG dropping by 80%, then only God can humour you. Fact is fact, and the fact is Don 2 is more liked and has trended way better than BG. Now wonder what next our danish is gonna say. hmm. To point it out before he raves again ;-

    * Christmas, New Year fell on Sundays; reduced holiday factor hugely (esp. in comparisin to 3 Idiots for which Christmas fell on its first day).

    * Ticket prices were not raised anywhere. Rant as much as you wish, and get dubious “facts” from Delight, but everyone who has gone to the theatres know exactly that Don 2 prices were same as any usual multiplex film like ZNMD. So that’s one excuse less.

    * Don 2 was low on pomotions. Now next comment will be that i’m lying; ask anyone on the streets and they will answer you. Now hat next? Compare promotion to Ra.One or Hollywood films? You have to find a better excuse.

    In short, there is no need to have this thread. Ideally, this thread should be:-

    “So much for the haters’ rantings and predictions”.


    @ Jasp the Wasp — u got it right.

    Jesus loves u !

  17. danish

    @eman – overrated depends on ur definition of overrated. if some one says ddlj is the best film of bollywood s/he is definitely overrating it. but if someone says its at no 8 or 9th, then its not overrated.

    and ur definition of believable or unbelievable is subjective, i found don2 opening fight itself unbelievable and over the top.

    @adykoolz – read carefully. in this analysis bodyguard trending has been judged on the base of 9 day 1st week instead of breaking it into sets of 7 day week (wd to tuesday) that the fraud boi for you. – welcome to the salman-danish gang (sic)

    yes eid has some advantage but not as much as christmas holidays which are across the nation and combined with new year there is huge festive mood. school colleges are closed anyways and most corporate types also take maximum vacation in december end as leaves expire after that.

    as for the one week lull at the box office, small movies keep releasing thru the christmas. and big movies to aajkal waise bhi month mein ek hi aati hai. october had one, nov had desi boys, december had don, january has agneepath. so i dont think bg got any advantage.

    @harish – i am talking abt 26 dec to 8th jan school holidays.
    and if diwali ppooja was shifted to 2-4 pm instead of night, to phir night shows full ho jaate na.

    @jaspthewasp – i have given bg trending broken into sets of seven day weeks (wed to tuesday) see how good it is.

    christmas new year were on sonday but 26dec to 8th jan were holidays.

    ticket prices at select city walk saket were 350 for 2d. so also at dt cinema vasant kunj. average tickets are 250-300rs.

    so much for lies and deceit.


    @Jasp the Wasp – * Ticket prices were not raised anywhere.”

    @Aryan will start singing again the same song “increased ticket rates, more no. of prints, huge promotions, holidays bla bla bla…..” .

  19. harish

    Sequels Business Upward Trends:-

    Hera Pheri 11 Corers (Average) 2000
    Phir Hera Pheri 42 Corers (Super Hit) 2006

    Koi Mil Gaya 43 Corers (Blockbuster) 2003
    Krrish 69 Corers (Blockbuster) 2006

    Dhoom 29 Corers (Hit) 2004
    Dhoom 2 80 Corers (Hit) 2006

    Golmaal 30 Corers (Semi-Hit) 2006
    Golmaal Returns 52 Corers (Hit) 2008
    Golmaal 3 108 Corers (Blockbuster) 2010

    Don – The Chase Begins Again 51 Corers (Hit) 2006
    Don 2 – The King Is Back 108 Corers (Hit) 2011

    Source: BOI


    @Danish u hv agreed at least to part of it. As far as Christmas and New year season is concerned not all colleges and schools are closed for this long. These days hardly there are 2 to 3 days holidays and in Mumbai CBSC and ICSC (schools) have stopped that also. The competition is so high these days that students use their holidays in coaching classes or studies and very few are interested in movies. This is the time when they go for movies on week end. Corporates’ have made a rule that the leaves should be evenly staggered and not every one can avail at the end of the year and that also not in bulk. Yes NRIs’ can do that coz they are forced to, specially western countries and Dubai as these countries are virtually closed from 24th to 6th of Jan.

  21. danish – tricket prices were increased upto 15% for 2d and upto 35% for 3d for both don 2 and ra1. here is the list

    dt cinema vasant kunj – average rate 250-300, ra1/don 2 350

    pvr select city walk saket – same as above

    cinemax andheri east – average rate 90 weekdays, 120 weekends

    ra1 (2d) 160/180 rs (this is 50% hike

    all this information is 1st hand. i was physically present at these theatres for various shows of ra1. i stay in south delhi but visted mumbai and stayed in andheri east during ra1

    @harish – i have done an entire post on ‘growth of bollywood sequels – evidence that dabangg 2 will do 200 cr’

    here is the link

  22. harish!

    Danish will not agree on anything. When person becomes blind in hatred he can’t differentiate in anything. It is better just read his useless football commentary which no one agrees and just laugh on it that person can become so hilarious.

  23. danish – when did i agree, even partially? i still maintain eid advantage is nothing compared to diwali/christmas advantage.

    some student taking coaching classes doesn not mean entire country is preparing for IIT – JEE. thats the problem with mall-multiplex bound urban middle class- myopia.

    most indian kids have a whale of a time in christmas holidays. corporates cant ‘scatter’ earned leaves, they can only scatter casula leaves. earned leaves are meant to be taken in bulk, in fact there is a limit on minimum, not maximum.

    all this apart u just had to enter a mall (where most high end theatres are located) to see how ppl thronged to them between 23 dec to 1st jan. alas, not many of them bothered to watch don 2.

  24. danish

    @harish – this is strange! i am giving logic, counter locig, numbers (just provided ticket prices at 3 prominent theatres in a comment above) and u r just badmouthing me without any reason, calling me blind etc. argument do na. gaaliyaan to koi bhi de sakta hai, usmein dimaagh nahi kharch hota.

  25. harish


    Was Ticket prices not raised for Dabangg or Ready or BG or it remained same and for only SRK movies it increased. If that happened then it clearly shows SRK is more popular and if it didn’t happened then for what purpose you are ranting.


    @Danish – U can deny every thing here. No problem but the facts cannot be denied which are far from ur these what u mentioned. As far as visiting malls during these seasons, I know pretty well what type of crowd is there and what they are interested in.

  27. danish

    @harish – no. ticket prices were not increased for dabangg, ready and bodyguard. i watched dabangg in the same pvr select citywalk on a jampacked sunday evening for 300 rs. i watched ready at cinemax andheri east for 90 rs weekday, so i assume weekend ticket must have been 120 as usual. and i watched bodyguard at dt cinema vasant kunj and weekday ticket was 250 rs. i dont know if they had increased tickets during 5 day eid weekend but if they had made it 350 in the weekend then weekday ticket wud have been 300, not 250. so most probably they had not increased tickets above 300 for even bodyguard eid premium slot.

    and if tickets are increased for srk movies that doesnt prove srk is more popular. it proves

    1. srk fans are better off and can afford more expensive tickets
    2. but they are less in numbers and so despite increased ticket prices they cant even touch ready so obviouly footfall is much less.
    3. srk is greedy who is out to fleece his customers.

  28. Delight44

    SRK is so selfish ,
    SRK deliberately raised the Multiplex ticket rates by 25-30% as both movies DON 2 and Ra.One were crap to supercrap products.

    He knew that movies will show “Niagra falls” from weekdays onwards [or at best week 1 onwards] , so the only way to recover money was to hike the ticket rates which he did.

    Instead of apologising to his fans and furious neutral audience , he decided to hike the ticket rates,

    And now everyone knows the result: Ra.One is disaster and DON 2 a flop.

    Jaisi karni vaisi bharni

  29. harish


    Why for only SRK Movie Ticket Prices go up not for Salman or Aamir Movies?

  30. fearlesssoul

    Why so much for DANISH trending? :P


    @danish – This is very normal. The ticket rates increases with every new release and then gradually comes down after 2 to three days. You will find variation in rates even during the day. In the morning shows these are lower as compared to evening shows. Some mplex chains give very low ticket rates on a particular day of the week like Cinemax on Tuesday 3-6 show. These things are very common and normal nothing very special wrt some specific release. Price difference between 2d and 3d will always be there with every film which are in 2d and 3d as well.

  32. harish

    Danish don’t joke around you gave the answer yourself SRK is more popular than Salman that is why for his movies ticket prices go up. And brillaint assumption by you that SRK Fans have money and they can afford and Salman Fans are poor so they can’t. Did you did diploma in this? Don’y make yourself look like a fool.


    Don 2 is Hit go check Taran Adarsh rating or here is the link So your bakwas has zero value. First learn the meaning of Flop then talk. Your talk is disaster and Flop that I agree.

  33. danish – wat am i denying falsely? kindly explain.

    1. is the coaching institute visting population of student not a micro-minority?
    2. arent earned leaves supposed to be taken in bulk? dont they expire after 31 december if they exceed 90 days in corporate sector?
    3. werent malls jampacked between 23 dec to 1st jan but don 2 theatres hardly 31% full (average of 9 days) ? (each day capacity = 30cr, 9 day total 270 cr, collection of 9 days 85cr, average = 31%

    tell me which is not a fact. yes mall being full is the only one that can be debated (don2 31% of the capacity can easily be calculated.

  34. fearlesssoul

    So now don trending smashed Salman’s thread :P

    Fan Salman ke aur Gaan SRK ke

  35. harish

    Danish from where this calculation you are doing in bathroom or what. By your style calculation every movie will emerge Flop except Salman as for him you will use another method.

  36. harish

    And one more thing they way you pass on pathetic statement one pathetic statement by me as well BG should have done 400 Corers when 3I in 2009 did 200 Corers why BG didn’t did 400 Corers in 2011. It is Big Flop.

  37. fearlesssoul

    Ye lo double century, phir nahin kehna kuch contribute nahin kiya, SRK ke film 200 banaye ya na banaye par tumhare thread kO to banadiya :P

  38. danish

    @harish – y ticket prices go up for srk movies? delight has answered u above and i cut paste wat i wrote in ana eralier comment

    1. srk fans are better off and can afford more expensive tickets
    2. but they are less in numbers and so despite increased ticket prices they cant even touch ready so obviouly footfall is much less.
    3. srk is greedy who is out to fleece his customers.
    4. srk is not confident of the product and sone ke saare andey ek hi weekend mein nikaal lena chaahta hai.

    !fearlesssoul – and so much for FS PJs. keep them coming. we love them. by the way ‘gay hoga tera baap’ ki prediction kab karoge? and wat abt ‘chain-khul-gayi-express? – but dont u see it clearly that for ra1 and don 2 they increased 15% more for 2 d and uptoi 35% more for 3d?

    @harish – i am making simple calculation based on rough estimates of capacity on 3000 prints and final collection.


    @Danish – I dont know about delhi which u know better. I can talk only about Mumbai where I live and observe the things. 10 persons cannot go on 30 days leave at a time, that’s what i wanted to say. Through out the year the malls are crowded only during weekends and during festival seasons during the week days as well but not much difference when compared to normal week days during the day time.

    Not all students are going for IIT, JET,IIM, CAT or MBA coaching. But the competition and burden is so much that even the students from commerce or Arts try to do some additional courses in their evening time which gets converted into day classes during these holidays (count sunday also).

    Anyways, I do not have data bank like u have so giving figures are not possible for me.

    I feel U must be having industrial engineering background.

  40. danish

    @fearlesssoul – haan pakki haandi mein chammach chala ke baawarchi ban jaao. 190 comments par aaye aur double century maar di.

    @harish – kya 2 saal mein inflation 100% ho gaya kya india mein?

  41. harish


    Delight answer clearly shows his stupidity. The only answer the person is getting is that Salman and Aamir Fans are poor who can’t afford high ticket rates so for their movies ticket prices are not hiked. Outside NG go tell this answer to anyone he or she will burst out laughing and will advise you to go to comedy circus or visit near mental asylum.

  42. danish

    @alfa- duniya ko bas apne surroundings ke chashme se mat dekho. i know the entire staff of an office cant take a 10 day leave but if 2% of 25 cr strong coprporate workforce takes leave, just 2 % that means 50lakh ppl on leave across the country. of which upto 30 lakhs are bollywood watchers. at the rate of 4 members each in family (just one kid and one parent) it means 1.20 cr extra tickets sale possible. or a revenue of 180 cr (@150 rs tickets)

  43. danish

    @harish – its a combination of things. yes an AVERAGE srk fan (not all) is better off than an AVERAGE salman fan (not all)

    and its also abt srk’s MBA type business accumen,

    and coprporate greed (of eros/reliance)

  44. harish

    Danish and Delight this foolish answer gives this indication that SRK Fans can afford Mercedes and Salman / Aamir Fans maximum can afford Motor Cycle. Really both of you join comedy circus.


    @ Danish mera aaj ka waqt poora hua. Baaqui moday ko bbat karenge.

    By the way double century ke liye mubarak.

    Aapne to mubaraken dena band hi kar diya, chalo main de deta hoon.


    @ Danish mera aaj ka waqt poora hua. Baaqui monday ko baat karenge.

    By the way double century ke liye mubarak.

    Aapne to mubaraken dena band hi kar diya, chalo main de deta hoon.

  47. danish hai. monday baat karenge.

    aur ye mubarakbad ka kya angle hai batao to sahi kabhi.


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