Is this the DESI BOYZ’s affect? Akshay moves upto 4th spot while Aamir moves down to 5th spot as per ORMAX SIL rankings


Desi boyz may have been just a moderate success at the bo but the good content and akshay’s awesome performance seems to have done the trick as akshay who was (apparently) losing his popularity n goodwill due to bk to bk bashed films and was tangling between 5th and 6th spot in the Ormax SIL(stars india loves) popularity survey since latter half of last year which was his lowest in recent years, has now moved upto the 4th spot replacing Aamir khan who is down to 5th spot which is his lowest.

here are the ormax SIL rankings based on popularity survey

1.salman 2.Srk 3.Hr 4.Akki 5.aamir 6.ranbir 7.ajay 8.shahid 9.john 10.amitabh

Few guys were quoting this SURVEY when two months back Akki was at 6th spot but i must say the scenario is changing again and with 5 releases this year Akshay should only move to the top and regain his top 2 position hopefully if his next films continue to be as entertaining as DESI BOYZ…