Which actor looks best for Gandhi role???
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Abhishek Bachan

Ajay Devgun

Akshya kumar

Aamir khan

Dino moria

John Abraham

Salman khan

Sarukh khan

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  1. Punter Pandu

    abishek is having beared…. gandhi was clean shaved person

  2. ampercent

    lol.imagine salman with his buffed up body as gandhi!

  3. Delight44

    Shahrukh Khan cant play Gandhiji’s role as SRK at present look much older thn time whn gandhiji died.

    Aamir cant play as his complexion is too fair .

    Salman is too muscular for gandhiji’s role and he cant get rid of his hair varna kya pata fir aaye na aaye,

    John too muscular,Akki too tall, Dino cant act, Abhishek is flabby ,

    Ghoom firke bacha Ajay Devgan who is best actor among these and can play Gandhiji’s role with perfection.

  4. aryan29

    @Delight44 But even Ajay Devgan is Tall :roll:

  5. Punter Pandu

    Dino looks mOdern Gandhi where u use his name for excuses for being honest, cultural, conservative and dignified.


    Only sallu can play gaandhiji’s role.

  7. e-man

    Shahrukh Khan cant play Gandhiji’s role because SRK is too good looking to play Gandhiji.

    Aamir cant play as he is too effiminate looking.

    Salman can’t play Gandhi as no one (except Salman and may be Aamir fans) will accept him with his image of being a brat and a bad boy and the fact that he a poacher and a killer.

    John too muscular, Akki too tall, Dino cant act, Abhishek is flabby.

    Ajay Devgan’s facial features are too prominent, unlike Gandhiji’s.

  8. Karan2011

    aamir should play ghandi because in real life he is very ghanda bandha haha… it’s a play on words not an insult to ghandi btw

  9. Karan2011

    aamir khan would probably start dieting and losing his hair for the role hahaha

  10. singh_is_king

    saLlu,bAal ni hai na
    Lol :p


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