1. deadmanwalking said:

    Bring it one .when Hrithik do masala films he break records and beat everyone but after that he choose different type of film and people forget the past and start to underestimate his star power but now he is back to massala film so we must be ready to see what will happened here with Agneepath .Willbe very interesting days after 3 weeks .

  2. deadmanwalking said:

    Akki fans is the last people who can put Kat name because this will hurt Akki films badly because at the recent time his biggest hits have one name KAT KAT KAT so just relax and take it easy

  3. Tashan said:

    prince feel the heat…akki is the one who gave katrina her first and also biggest hit…and Hf is biggest hit recently and it dint have kat…but hr got a clean hit after 6 years due to kat kiss so relax u fan of six finger star haaaa

  4. Sahil19 said:

    danish mpkk was above average, katrina 1st hit is namastey london and she was a newbie. also houseful did more than welcome and it had no katrina or a listers in it.

  5. aryan29 said:

    @Tashan Answer is chikni chameli and her body

    hr got a clean hit after 6 years due to kat kiss so relax u fan of six finger star haaaa

    ROFL :D

  6. deadmanwalking said:

    keep going and post topic and comment using other actor and actress names because no one right now talking about your Akki so keep going to get some attention feel sorry for you lool

  7. sanket porwal said:

    Tashan, do u remember u said, if desi Boyz fails, you will agree that HR is bigger a star than Akki! You and some fellow Akki fans said this.

    And LOL, znmd was hit because of Kat-kiss? Murder:2 should have broken all th records if kisses makes so much money!

    Now you will say, Katrina’s kiss makes money. Come on Man, 90crs on such smaller release with so much of competition is not everyone’s conduct.

    I agree Akshay made decent films in 2011 (Desi Boyz had good wom), but its his downhil-going stardome that’s affecting his film! How can a Desi Boyz which had good promotions, fantastic music, A lister actress (Deepika) fail?

    Tashan- take it from me- Akshay will have atleast 3 blockbusters/super hit this year (HF2, OUTIM2, RR). Not sure about K786 as its clashing with one of the most anticipated projects.

    Just be patient, Akshay will be back in business, but for that his films must have some quality which will win audience’s love. Even i am waiting for his success now. Awaiting Hf2′s promo.

  8. MR.Callaway said:

    @TASHAN kat or not….akki has not given a single 80cr grosser….forget about 90 nd 100s…. he is one so called superstar who has never given a single biggest blockbuster of any year….nd his choice of moviz r so pathetic that his once in a blue moon good muviz also suffer bcoz of them….nd u talk abt hrithiks six fingers….he is one of the best lookin actor in the history of bollywood….unlike akki who shows bigger gums than his teeth whenever he smiles….nd too add more hrithik is a complete package…body dance acting looks persona…..unlike akki who only has a idiotic smile with double sized gums attatched to his teeths…..

  9. MR.Callaway said:

    U mean like akki muviz….his muviz have no humour but but at the end ppl do laugh at akki nd his moviez….