Don 2 Kanpur Sunday: Unprecedented Jump
Fasel | December 26, 2011, 11:48 AM | 21 comments | 0 views

Don 2 had an unprecedented jump in Kanpur from Saturday to Sunday of over 60%. as the single screens went house full. Never has such a jumped happened before in the city and it is probably down to it being better than a normal Sunday as it was Christmas. Below are Sunday figures of Don 2 in Kanpur with the Saturday numbers in brackets.

Big Rave – 1,97,202 (1,64,121)
Rave Moti – 3,04,314 (2,13,288)
Cinemax – 2,35,398 (1,24,356)
Inox – 3,87,306 (2,45,310)
Heer – 1,49,968 (70,972)
All 4 shows 100%
Gurdev – 68,996 (65,644)
All 4 shows 100%
Shyam – 57,252(20,447)
2/4 shows 100%
Manjushree – 88,178(26,957)
2/4 shows 100%
Jugal – 28,545(13,630)
1/4 show 100%

TOTAL – 15,17,158 (9,44,725) + 60.59%

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  1. genuine_analyzer

    when a mass center like kanpur underperformed on first 2 days ,it was bound to show such unprecedented jump on sunday with so much public acceptance and positive (<90%) WOM…
    drop in kanpur on monday with respect to friday will not be alarming..
    movie is accepted in kanpur and lucknow in a BIG Way..
    If aneone can please give the Novelty Lalbagh collections at Lucknow..i think 3/5 shows were housefull..i watched the first shw..balcony was housefull.and public response was superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  2. Naveed_EkThaTiger

    Yes genuine analyzer we believe you :P

    What an incredible jump and will only know whether it’s the Christmas factor today and tomorrrow.

    100 is certainly back on the cards….

  3. Fasel

    For a film that has only one song, I am surprised its even doing this much at the BO in India.

  4. Naveed_EkThaTiger

    LMAO yeah one song but don’t forget the record no of prints, 3D prices holidays etc.

    Man the execuses are just hilarious :P

  5. Roy

    “For a film that has only one song, I am surprised its even doing this much at the BO in India.”
    Add to that a superflop hamming actor SRK, me too surprised it has done 45 cr weekend !!

  6. Phantom

    baaki songs film mein rakhne laayak bhi the kya??

  7. genuine_analyzer

    roy is accepted..but 100 cr ….can’t say..all depends on monday numbers..if they are more than 6-7 cr..or even 6..then 100 cr is definetly on cards :)

  8. Fasel

    Naveed, I am talking in a respectful manner, no disrespect whatsoever but why do people have a hard time acccepting other peoples success. I mean BG was a huge success and I was happy for it, it was a decent movie and it created opening records everywhere, was I pissed or mad? No I wasn’t, not once. If you’re doubting what I’m saying, go back into NG archives.

    Plus I’m not giving excuses, I was saying what I felt.

  9. Naveed_EkThaTiger

    @ Fasel – I’m not pissed (I don’t drink :P

    Ok maybe I jumped to conclusions because Fasel it seemed like you were rejoicing and at the same time belittling other films which do have songs.

    If that’s not the case I take back what I said above.

  10. Dj

    @ Naveed. I don’t understand this bullshit of 3100 screen or 2000 screen. Who stopes other stars to release thier films with 4000 screen. karo bhayya 5000 screen per release karo. Film dekhne wali public to utni hi rahegi. Same thing for 3D and hiked prices. Eveer tom, dick and harry can’t convert thier film in 3D or can’t hiked ticket price. Agar Yuvraj or Paheli or Mela ya TMK ke ticket price current rate ke half hote to bhi koi zyada fark nahi padata. So bottomline is this that Record number of screen and hiked ticket price doesn’t matter too much.

  11. Phantom

    who stops stars from keeping more than one song in a film??

  12. Fasel

    No Naveed I wasn’t. Yaar I always try to reach my hand out to you for dosti but it seems like you don’t like my personality or something. I’m sorry if I come across a guy who hates Salman but Allah Kasam that is not me, I’ve just had enough of SRK bashing so I take my frustration out on his fans. Hopefully you don’t take it personal.

  13. Naveed_EkThaTiger

    Damn you Phantom :P I was going to say the same thing :D

    No offence Fasel but couldn’t resist

  14. Naveed_EkThaTiger

    @ Fasel – no yaar I don’t hate you and you know I don’t. There are 2-3 people on here I dislike and am sure they feel same way about me but I hate no one. Hate is too strong a word.

    Peace bro from now I won’t jump to conclusions.

  15. Fasel

    It’s all good, if there is one Salman Khan fan I can’t tolerate, it’s def Danish, that guy is unbearable, LOL. I haven’t seen Rosh here on NG in awhile?

  16. pitambar

    just surprised!!ab to tumhe munh chupate firna chahiye.

  17. ROONEY_10


    1. i feel no,of screen increased depends upon new screens and theaters opening, important is when a movoe releases it achieves maximum till that date.

    2. about 3D conversion, yes every tom dick n harry dont do it thnk god becoz then those movies shall also be ruined :p

    But i partly agree very few people have ambition like that of SRK. but my problem is his execution and judgement in rushing off and not investing time in those concept regrets.

  18. Roy

    why? because don 2 is struggling?? so after mnik, don2 will complete srk hattrick of flops !! by the way u guys are experts in munh chupana :D

  19. Fasel

    Roy – Before you start crying to mods, tu kis suraak se baat kerta hai, apne ghaand se ya moo se?

  20. pitambar

    struggling ka matlab bhi samjha do yaar.actually the meaning that i knew till now is completely opposite to the performance of don 2.

  21. suprabh

    This thread is closed now…and members who abused have been banned.

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