2nd Day Collections Don 2 – All India
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2nd Day Collections Don 2 – All India

2nd Day Don 2 – All India

Circuit Collections

Mumbai 5,10,00,000

Delhi-UP 2,85,00,000


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  1. Antares

    tango bhai abhi toh 2nd shows start hue hai na.

  2. Shaan

    Tango Bhai,how much don 2 needs to become a Hit film.

  3. Antares

    @tango oh sorry bhai i thought that was sunday collectn.

  4. Tango

    Shaan at 105-110 crore from India Don should be a hit as overseas is looking great.

    Weekend seems on course with my predicatable 45-50 crore weekend, towards the higher side.

    Antares – “tango bhai abhi toh 2nd shows start hue hai na.” ??? Plz elaborate.

  5. Roy

    wow those are distributor numbers, so every chance actuals will come 14 cr or so. History is proof distributors quote around 10% excess collections

    Waiting for BOI territory numbers but sure they will be less than what they reported

  6. Delight44

    This site copy pasted Taran Adarsh’s numbers.

    Btw Nepal kab se India me aa gaya

  7. wall-D

    Lol. I first clicked on the link.. then i saw the link..

  8. Tango

    The same distributor releases the film in Bihar & Nepal.

  9. Bournvita

    yes ..In nepal , Its from Bihar Distributor!!!!! But 5 lakh is not so great in nepal. Bodyguard had around 10-20 lakh in a single day …comparing tht it is ok..

  10. Tango

    Depends on the genre. I’m sure Ek Tha Tiger will not do the same business in Bihar-Nepal as a Bodyguard. I have no idea but even a Ready may not have done as well as a Bodyguard there.

    Yeah, a Dabangg and a wanted must also have done great.


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