1. Tango said:

    Shaan at 105-110 crore from India Don should be a hit as overseas is looking great.

    Weekend seems on course with my predicatable 45-50 crore weekend, towards the higher side.

    Antares – “tango bhai abhi toh 2nd shows start hue hai na.” ??? Plz elaborate.

  2. Roy said:

    wow those are distributor numbers, so every chance actuals will come 14 cr or so. History is proof distributors quote around 10% excess collections

    Waiting for BOI territory numbers but sure they will be less than what they reported

  3. Bournvita said:

    yes ..In nepal , Its from Bihar Distributor!!!!! But 5 lakh is not so great in nepal. Bodyguard had around 10-20 lakh in a single day …comparing tht it is ok..

  4. Tango said:

    Depends on the genre. I’m sure Ek Tha Tiger will not do the same business in Bihar-Nepal as a Bodyguard. I have no idea but even a Ready may not have done as well as a Bodyguard there.

    Yeah, a Dabangg and a wanted must also have done great.