My take on Don 2: ****
Joginder Tuteja | December 24, 2011, 1:40 PM | 22 comments | 0 views

‘Wow’ – Now this is what you end up exclaiming not just around the time when end credits start rolling for ‘Don 2′ but quite a few times during the two and a half hours narrative of the film. Now this is one film which doesn’t take audience’s intelligence for granted. Gripping, stylish, thrilling and constantly making you think about what would happen next, ‘Don 2′ is unpredictable with several engaging sequences that ensure that it turns out to be much more than just a ‘paisa vasool’ affair.


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  1. ROONEY_10

    Hi Jogibhai

    Nice to see you after a long time Sir! hope alls well!

  2. Joginder Tuteja

    Thanks Rooney_10. have been visiting NG quite often though and have been seeing all the debates/conversations. Interesting!

    Guess with so much happening around ‘Don 2′, I felt like sharing my views around the film as well!

  3. shetty

    Welcome back Jogi bhai. Will read your review after watching the movie

  4. danish

    @everybody – go and check out wall-d’s post titled ‘ is this srk’s new look for don 3?. its hilariousssssssssssssssss. but the thread has been closed. u cant comment. so go check it out and comment on other threads.
    @mods – i dont think promoting a closed thread is violation of any rules. by the way how come all the closed threads are the ones that are anti sharukh khan? i have never seen athread critical of salman being closed.

  5. suprabh


    One comment is enough to make a point. Posting same comment on every thread is considered spamming.. Please refrain from doing that..


    Why was wall-d’s thread closed? As in, Am I missing something?


  6. danish

    @suprabh – apni awaaza janta tak pahunchaani thi.

    the thread is closed becoz it was abt srk. do some photoshop replece the face of srk with salman and title it salman’s ek tha tiger look and no one wud have any objection. havent u noticed how all threads that get closed are anti srk. only two days back u closed my thread on gay hoga tera baap shoot scedule. if it were abt delhi shoot of ‘ek tha kutta’, u wud have said ‘halarious’

    1. suprabh


      all I have to say judge too much about me. Well..In due time you’ll know yourself.

  7. ROONEY_10


    I am innocent, i didnt close it man, need to ask Rohit. I hadnt seen it till u asked


    get my or sups mail drop a email, wait for 12-15 hrs for a reply! but stop spamming!

    i can understand your query in alternative open a thread called questions but thats it anything more than that strict action would be taken.

    First Warning.

    any repeat of similiat incident and ban will come.

  8. danish

    @suprabh – wah re mere shaheed bhagat singh.

    @rooney – jo pehle kai baar ban ho chuke hon wo bans se dar kar sach ke liye ladna band nahin karte.

  9. Joginder Tuteja

    …..aur iss tarah se threads kharaab hoti hai. Shuru kahin se, khatam kahin aur!

    Sorry guys, nothing personal and by no means was it intended at anyone in particular, whether those who have commented on this post or not done so far. But this is the very point I had conveyed to Rohit and Abid about the quality of conversations at NG. It is great to see the effort put by so many NGians who share great posts/comments/views but then the very triviality of affairs sometimes lets it down.


  10. Antares

    Moderators hi galath hai the post topic is different they talk about something else.jaago NGians Jaago.

  11. Tango

    Great to see you here Baba Joginder.

    Make sure you are here more :-(

    It was hectic day today. Plan to catch up Don 2 on Monday now. Like Shetty bhaijaan will read your review after watching the film.


    I am sorry but this is an utterly predictable review at best and paid publicity at worst.

  13. wall-D

    Welcome Back Joginder bhai.

    PS: That thread was closed for comments by myself, as the other day rohit suggested me on similar thread that it might provoke heated arguments.

    If mods and rohit dont have any issue, i am willing to make comments on it But not without rohit’s permission.

  14. Tango

    Teraa Baap – “paid publicity at worst.”

    I am also sorry, but kindly substantiate your claim with proof, as Joginder is an honourable member of NG and you are insulting him by saying that.

    Do let us have proof of Jogindrer having been paid for this review, otherwise I request you to expunge these comments as Joginder has always rated films in general quite high.

  15. Tango

    *Do let us have proof of Joginder indulging in paid publicity for this review*

    Otherwise this will constitute as an insult to a fellow member, without any proof, I am sorry to say.

  16. right


    Looks like Don 2 Performance will be similar like Don. But the only problem Don did universally well and Don 2 will have to rely on multiplex business.

  17. Tango

    right – Don 2 will have a much better outcome that Don (2006). just wait and watch.

    When I had said to shezad yesterday that the Ist day is 15 (give or take 1/2 crore) some had doubts.

  18. Bilawal

    I dont know if Joginder is paid or not – but he is a dumb and predictable reviewer like Taran/Komal.

  19. Joginder Tuteja

    @Shetty: Thanks bhai. U saw the film?

    @Tango: Sure Tango, that’s the intent. Looking forward to healthy conversations here though :-) Yeah, please read the review only after watching the film. I do so the same for other critics/reviewers :-)

    And hey, thanks for pitching in w.r.t. other comments. Its okay though, such comments do come in. They are fun at best and ignorable at worst :-)

    @Tere Baap: ‘utterly predictable’ – Fair enough, that’s your feedback! @paid publicity? – Wanna elaborate with something more concrete than just a viewpoint?

    @Wall-D: Thanks bhai! Have been reading some interesting comments from you :-)

    @Bilawal: “…….he is a dumb and predictable reviewer…..” – Well, your viewpoint Sir!


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